PAS & Divorcing a Narcissist

Sandra Boss:  Litigation Abuse

Manipulation of the legal system as an instrument of abuse is not illegal.  It’s not unethical.  But, I think most folks believe it should be.

. . .Several defense experts testified that Christian is delusional.  They also claim he has a narcissistic personality disorder which is typical of abusive people.  The prosecution asserts he is a master manipulator.

Barbara Bentley: Dance with the Devil

Barbara Bentley

Barbara Bentley’s charming, fascinating, and charismatic late husband presented himself as a retired Navy rear admiral and the descendent of two infamous admirals named Perry.  They were VIP guests of the Navy during Fleet Week in San Francisco.  He had war medals including the Congressional Medal of Honor.  They were invited to President George H.W. Bush’s inauguration and the inaugural balls.  The only part of his story that was true was that he was the black sheep son of Admiral Perry.

The truth was that he was a con man wanted by the FBI for impersonating a US Navy officer.  To read about Barbara’s Paul H. Chapman award, click here.


Christie Brinkley: Divorcing a Narcissist & Litigation Abuse

I grew up thinking Christie Brinkley lived a fairy tale life.  She was Billy Joel’s uptown girl and news anchor David Brinkley’s step-daughter.

Yet, even cover girls can experience litigation abuse when they divorce a narcissist.  To the outside world, their ten-year marriage appeared to be perfect.  But, behind closed doors, Ms. Brinkley’s ex-husband Peter Cook admitted he was “an idiot.”  Like David Letterman, he sexually harassed  his 18-year-old personal assistant Diana Bianchi.  To avoid a lawsuit and to keep her quiet, he paid her $300,000.  She testified at their divorce trial.

Brooke Mueller: Winning!
Narcissists can’t handle criticism.  They will cut the person who dares say they aren’t perfect off at the knees.  Their need to obliterate those who speak the truth is overwhelming.

So, what do you do?  The smart thing to do is exactly what Brooke Mueller did.  She handed Charlie Sheen his own rope and waited.  She knew that he would ultimately hang himself, and he did.  In other words, she knew that Mr. Sheen didn’t have the discipline to work on himself to get clean and sober.  She, however, did.  Read more. . .

 Educating Your Judge: Custody Battles, PAS & Litigation Abuse

The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges has an excellent guidebook for judges:  A Judicial Guide to Child Safety in Custody Cases.

If you are divorcing an abusive, pit bull or a narcissist (also known as a sociopath or psychopath), click on the book’s title.  It will take you to a PDF copy of the guidebook which you can read or print out (52 pages) and give to your judge and attorney.

This book is free, and it can help clueless twit judges get up to speed.  It will also put judges who are abusive behind their own closed doors on notice.  The book has 14 nifty bench cards that a judge can use as a check-list during trial proceedings.

© 2009, Carole May

Rights for Mothers Blog Has a New Address

Rights for Mothersis a Top 100 blog.

The force behind the blog is extraordinarily well-informed on the issue of litigation abuse in child custody cases.  She posts a wealth of information from around the world.  She speaks truth to power.  She holds abusive men accountable for manipulating the legal system as an instrument of abuse under the guise of parental alienation syndrome.

Bravo, RightsforMothers & Claudine Dombrowski!

You want justice?  Pack the court room with people wearing purple ribbons.

Pit bull abusers have lots of Internet help available to them on how to manipulate the legal system as an instrument of abuse.  They quickly learn they’ll go to jail for physicial abuse.  In jail, they learn that they can more brutally ~ and legally ~ hurt a mother by taking away her kids.  In a strategy as old as Adam blaming Eve for the apple, they turn the tables on their victims.  Women fiercely trying to protect their kids from brutal fathers find themselves called prostitutes and addicts and mentally unstable.  Many find their professional careers blackballed by false accusations and innuendos.

Claudine Dombrowski didn’t go quietly into the night.  She’s breaking down the walls of silence on her blog.  And, she followed in Vernetta Cockerham’s footsteps.  Last week, she and Rights for Mothers packed the courtroom, and Ms. Dombrowski finally got some justice.  The judge opined that she had a First Amendment right to break down the walls of silence.

4 responses to “PAS & Divorcing a Narcissist

  1. I’m afraid Kyron Horman was a victim of his NPD father just like Josh Powell’s sons were

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  3. It’s nice to see that many people are now recognizing that PAS is just a cover for abuse – but so many courts are still allowing abusers to get away with it. I’d love to see some effective strategies for how to get judges to understand that this is junk science.

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