Celebrating Survivors

Tina Turner

I, Tina by Tina Turner

As the unwanted child of a failing marriage, she had no foundation of parental nurturing and support. She was compelled to learn survival skills early: strength, independence, and self-sufficiency. In her candid autobiography I, Tina, she introspectively described the universal experience of abuse and explained how it forged her phenomenal resolve, self-discipline, and strength of character.

Eve EnslerInsecure at Last by Eve Ensler

Eve Ensler tells the story of how her father physically, sexually, and emotionally abused her and how these experiences shaped her world view in Insecure at Last: Losing It in Our Security Obsessed World. The central premise of her book is that striving for security does not, in fact, protect us. We must rescue ourselves. Peace will come from securing basic human rights and from making our end goals compassion and honoring all people.


Gloria Steinem

Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions by Gloria Steinem

Slowly, I discovered I could find mentors, role models, and friends in books. I am indebted to the generosity of authors who shared their stories and became my life rafts. The book that has been my most valuable life raft is Gloria Steinem’s Revolution from Within: A Book of Self-Esteem. She has helped me understand and appreciate how the intellectual constructs of researchers like Alice Miller manifest in the reality of our lives. As this web site grows and evolves, I will do a more in-depth explanation of what I have learned from both women.  See also:



Lisa Scottoline

Lisa Scottoline makes me laugh and gives me hope.  She irreverently refers to her ex-husbands as “Thing One” and “Thing Two.”  Her second marriage ended about the same time her beloved daughter Francesca was born.  Ms. Scottoline decided to leave her legal career behind to write fiction and be a mother to her daughter:

“I figured you can’t get any broker than broke.

“Turns out you can.

“I wrote for the next five years, living on credit cards, nursing my baby by day and reading rejection letters by night.  Yet it was a deliriously happy time of my life.”

One clueless New York agent sent her a brutal rejection letter.  Big mistake.  She’s published 16 novels and has been on every best seller list that matters.

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