Bravo, Barbara Bentley: Paul H. Chapman Award Winner!


Chapman Award

Chapman Award

Barbara Bentley, author of Dance with the Devil, will receive one of six of the 2009 Paul H. Chapman Awards by the Foundation for Improvement of Justice on September 26 in Atlanta.  In addition to the award, she will receive $10,000.

Ms. Bentley will receive the award because of her work to change the divorce laws in California which allowed her abusive ex-husband to profit from his criminal behavior.

The Chapman awards are given to people who have worked to make “positive influential differences in the United States criminal and civil justice arenas.”

It’s tough to get grants.  Most require you to have an established non-profit organization.  But, the Chapman awards are granted for almost any significant improvement to our justice system:

Please note that these are awards for successful accomplishments inclusive of innovative programs which have proven effective and can serve as models for others. Recipients are not required to render any further services as a condition of receiving an award. The Foundation does NOT provide grants for future projects, anticipated works, nor scholarships for desired aspirations.

This awards program is open to all individuals, programs, and organizations within the United States.

So, if you’ve been busy working to end litigation abuse, to prevent domestic violence, or to reform the legal system, I encourage you to find someone credible to nominate you for next year’s awards.  And, when you win, I hope you’ll follow Ms. Bentley’s example of donating half your award to the agency which nominated you.

Bravo, Barbara!

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