O Magazine: Vernetta’s Story

O Magazine, August, 2009

O Magazine, August, 2009

 This is hot off the presses ~ literally!  Rita Anita Linger, the executive director of the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence, is flat on her back recovering from surgery, but her loving and devoted husband Karl sent me a link to the August issue of O Magazine’s article about Vernetta Cockerham:  “A Woman’s Gutsy Legal Battle Ends, But Her Crusade to Protect Others Continues.”

Ms. Linger organized what Vernetta describes in the article as a “small stand-in for justice” which was “beautiful” on June 29.   It worked.  The Jonesville, North Carolina police department decided to cut Vernetta a check for $430,000.

Vernetta’s battle for justice and enforcement of protection orders isn’t over.  The North Carolina legislature is working to pass Candice’s law which will do more to compel police departments to enforce protection orders.

Vernetta didn’t crumple.  She didn’t whine.  Ms. Linger described Vernetta’s courage, determination, and perseverance in the article:

She is a perfect example of an advocate for domestic violence. She has done everything right, and the most important thing she’s done is that she never gave up.

Bravo, Vernetta!  And, bravo, Rita Anita!  We all wish you a speedy recovery! 

Please buy the August issue of O Magazine to send a message to Oprah that domestic violence is an important topic for her readers and fans.

8 responses to “O Magazine: Vernetta’s Story

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  2. I want to say thank you so very much, for your coverage of my story. It has given a path of empowerment for me to continue to be a voice for those whom cannot be heard.
    I hope to meet you someday, Until then Take-care.
    NC House bill 1464 was passed into Law 7-31-09

  3. Oh, Vernetta, I have tears in my eyes to hear from you. You are so amazingly brave and have so much integrity. I weep for the pain and betrayals you experienced.

    Thank you for visiting my humble little site and leaving a comment. You have no idea what it means to me to hear from you. . .especially today.

    Would you like to write a guest column about NC house bill 1464 ~ congratulations on getting that passed!


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