Brooke Mueller: Winning!

All that you send into the lives of others

comes back into your own.

Karma is a bitch with a bad attitude.  She sometimes seems to go on a prolonged holiday in the Bahamas.  When she comes back, she delivers justice.  In the meantime, we’re wise to be patient and get our own acts together.

Brooke Mueller, the estranged wife of Charlie Sheen, opted for this wise route.  She’s engaging in self-care, and she’s accepting responsibility for her own issues with drugs.

This is exceedingly difficult to do when we really would like to draw blood and see the person who made our lives hell get a taste of his own medicine.

Yet, when dealing with a narcissistic abuser, this is a brilliant strategy.  Narcissists can’t handle criticism.  They will cut the person who dares say they aren’t perfect off at the knees.  Their need to obliterate those who speak the truth is overwhelming.

So, what do you do?  The smart thing to do is exactly what Brooke Mueller did.  She handed Charlie Sheen his own rope and waited.  She knew that he would ultimately hang himself, and he did.  In other words, she knew that Mr. Sheen didn’t have the discipline to work on himself to get clean and sober.  She, however, did.

Even David Letterman picked up on the fact that the CBS brass didn’t care when Mr. Sheen was beating up on Ms. Mueller.  They remained silent because his show got ratings.

However, with Ms. Mueller out of the picture, he didn’t have her to beat up on anymore.  The rage was still there, and he had an overpowering need to vent it on somebody.

When he started beating up on the CBS brass, they finally understood how Ms. Mueller must have felt.  Yes, even smart people can be in the remedial group about some things.

Mr. Sheen’s exes have formed a posse.  First, Kelly Preston likely whispered in her pal Oprah’s ear.  Oprah asked some hard questions.  Denise Richards was a guest on her show.

Now, Ms. Richards is joining Ms. Mueller in questioning whether it is in the best interest of any of Mr. Sheen’s children ~ not just Bob and Max ~ to be in a home environment in which their father is cohabitating with two women ~ one a porn star ~ without the benefit of marriage.  Mr. Sheen may think this is wonderful for his sons, but most courts aren’t going to agree.

Hollywood has turned its back on Mr. Sheen as well.  They aren’t buying his rants.  They are finally seeing him for what he is:  a cowardly bully in serious need of a time out.

Is it difficult to wait this out?  Hell, yes!  It takes phenomenal patience, self-confidence, and self-discipline.  Yet, sometimes doing nothing is the best strategy of all ~ especially when we are dealing with people who don’t really want to see and accept reality.  They won’t and can’t get it until they are compelled to walk a block or two in our shoes.

2 responses to “Brooke Mueller: Winning!

  1. Your post was “winning”. I am tired of Charlie Sheen (although I would watch his dad in anything). Thanks for summing up what I think I was feeling, but was not calm enough to write about it. In short, my husband and I think C.S. is delusional- ie-crazy. His demise won’t surprise me when I read about it.

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