9 responses to “Barbara Bentley: Dance with the Devil

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  3. Interesting how we all succumb to manipulation. And how sad there are so few ways to recognise the patterns. And even sadder that once we have the courage to make a change there are institutionalised barriers that seemingly punish us?

  4. Didn’t she notice the giy was wearing a toupee you could spot from a mile away ??

  5. I lived the book but still have a lot of questions about John Perry’s true background and would like to read about the psychology of this character.

  6. Carmen,

    Thanks for you comment. I think John Perry had himself a very sad life. It is horrid for any of us to be so unwanted by our parents. Sadly, he opted to not deal with the pain. Barbara was so very lucky to get out of that relationship alive.

    IMHO, he was the ultimate narcissist ~ his whole life was an illusion. He must have been a phenomenal actor to pull it off.

    Barbara’s new husband Rex is a wonderful guy.

    Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment,
    Anne Caroline

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  8. Please barbara get in touch w me somehow because as strange as this sounds im afraid he john perry as u know was my true biological father.I know it sounds crazy I just have some questions thank u so much and sorry to bother you rachele riley

  9. Barbara was unfortunately living in self delusion… I in the interview, she says she still has loving feelings for John… There never was a good man.. A caring, loving husband… The John Perry she loved did not exist.. He was a con man… A fraud… A criminal swindler

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