Kitchen Table Economics: Balancing the Budget Isn’t Rocket Science — You Can Do It with a Few Clicks of Your Mouse

Today’s New York Times challenged readers to balance the budget.  When I read the dead tree version, I thought it would be too daunting of a task for a relaxing Sunday afternoon.  But, I discovered that they have an on-line version that’s a lot of fun.

In 18 clicks, I achieved a budget surplus of $260 billion dollars on a projected deficit of $418 billion.

I simply voted for the budget choices that most Americans would make if they were in Congress.

It isn’t rocket science.  It’s common sense.  We the People have been sold a bill of goods.

80% of the income in the United States is hoarded by 1% of our country’s richest people.  Meanwhile, the other 99% of us are trying to make ends meet on the remaining 20% of the income.  We’re paying the taxes.  We’re keeping the economy afloat.  And, we’re getting screwed.

How many clicks did it take you to balance the budget?  Sound off.


2 responses to “Kitchen Table Economics: Balancing the Budget Isn’t Rocket Science — You Can Do It with a Few Clicks of Your Mouse

  1. Hi Anne. Its been 10 years now since we first visited after I found your little website. 10 years ago when I was completely ignorant to the lengths one person with alot of money, will insure your life wont be the same. In every meaning possible.
    Betrayal is the worst feeling when your holding on for dear life. Only to have your grip shaken off unexpectedly by those who were offered either financial reward. Or guarentee they wouldn’t lose their children if they just followed the guide lines.
    I had to tell you why his lawyer got away with so much.
    An anon did some research on the beaver. Theres a main investor into her firm whose an intel contractor. With the 3 lettered organization thats been in the news more recently for their historic clandestine operations, and potential to be involved with the global child trafficking. And all those boards she sits on. Has allowed her to stop restraining orders called in after an assault. Intervene on forensic evaluations for children raped. Deny battered women any place to stay, and get help. Access your personal medical records and flag them. Use spyware and malware. Worst of all. Deny your voice in court. Ever.
    My eldest helped in every way possible. Becoming her little pet and allie. I barely saw my youngest because of games that the state wouldn’t help with.
    Shes been thro ugh hell.
    My ex died in 2017. I couldn’t help but cry. Prior to his last breath he called in his attorney and my daughters.
    Agreements were made in exchange for 5 million dollars. The promise was to be sure Brooklyn and I never reunited. Which we havent. She graduated this past weekend and i was not allowed to go. Instead my now estranged family, who see wealth as a sign of truth, or something. All went together. Never bothering to call or anything.
    I guess you can say the worst thing that he could do. He did. By creating stories with the eldest. I thought she would would at least open the door to me after his passing. But instead she set me up a couple of times with the reunification declaration, only too have placed myself in a situation where my disability insurance card information was taken. Creating more difficulties.
    I dont leave the room anymore. The one ive spent years borrowing or renting from my mother’s friend.
    My mother advocated for him as well. ALL my family have abandoned me. One cousin kinda explained it as too dangerous with everything thats involved, and whose involved.
    My baby is now a demonologist. And took the transgender pill.
    Dawn was given my entire household of items and clothes. She turned out horrible.

    These are things that shouldn’t ever happen to anyone.
    But there’s a few.

    Your post that day made me feel empowered. I was ready to fight Sparta.

    I love what you have done for people. Your one of the last few of a dying breed. And im so blessed to have found your site.

    Thank you Anne. Even though i have nothing left. I do have this post. Manipulation of the Legal System. That’s been a paveway for others to understand the unbelievable.

    Big hugs.

    Jackie from Texas

  2. Couldn’t find anything positive. Im so sorry.
    Except your website is incredible now!

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