System Dysfunctions




Vernetta in O Magazine:  Does Oprah Finally Get It?

Kudos to Oprah and O Magazine for funding investigative journalist Phoebe Zerwick’s well-researched article about Vernetta Cockerham:  “Why Didn’t They Stop Him?”

Vernetta Cockerham did everything by the book. . .Why aren’t the laws against domestic violence enforced?

Good questions.  I think most women who experience domestic violence would like to know the answers.  As I read and digested the article, I realized that Vernetta’s story is all our stories.  We are conditioned by the system to believe we’re the only ones who think the system doesn’t work.  The truth is that it doesn’t work for most of us.  “Fell through the cracks,” is a phrase that sets my teeth on edge.  Callous indifference is more accurate.


© 2009, Carole May

“Creaming:”  Why Many DV Victims Don’t Get Help

Today I’m blowing the whistle on a corrupt system.  I promised myself when I started this site that I would only write positive stories.  But, I think it is time for y’all to know the truth about how the system operates. . .notice I did not use the word “works.”



What if It Was Your Daughter?

Rebecca Griego

“What if it was your daughter?”

There isn’t a domestic violence or rape survivor who hasn’t asked this question.  So many of us face callous indifference.  We feel like the girl in California who was gang-raped while dozens of bystanders did nothing.  Her story made the headlines, but too many of our stories fall on deaf ears.  Ultimately, we come to get it.  We are merely expendable pawns in a high stakes game.

October was domestic violence awareness month.  Yet, the general public didn’t see much purple.



Michael Vick & the NFL: He paid the price for abusing dogs, but NFL stars who abuse women get a pass

Little boys are getting the message that they should be nice to their dogs, but who within the NFL is telling them they need to be nice to girls too?

This year when an NFL player mistakes the woman in his life for a linebacker and his bedroom for a football field, I hope the Humane Society and PETA both remember that technically women are animals too.

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