Survive, Thrive, Joy

Path to Victory

This web site is for people who are on the path to victory.
Victory is a choice.
Victory is an attitude.

Remembering Crystal: Life’s Lessons on Escaping the Abuse of a Powerful Man

After Crystal Judson Brame was murdered by her estranged husband David, Tacoma, Washington’s chief of police, I decided I needed to break down the wall of silence surrounding domestic violence.

Why did I survive?  What lessons have I learned about escaping the abuse of powerful pit bull abusers?

7 responses to “Survive, Thrive, Joy

  1. I Thank You for your daily support,and what you do for the Greater Good of the People..
    We Are Our Sisters Keepers…
    Vernetta Cockerham

  2. This website is very nice and very encouraging. I really loved your Eat, Pray, Love entry, and I agree entirely that we all must learn to smile with our livers! Thank you for being a ray of light. Take care.

  3. Hi Anne, I have been reading your posts for about a week now, You are a wonderful woman, you are out there fighting for abused women and children. I have a story of my own I would like to share with you sometime. I am writing about my journey and my survival. Look forward to hearing more from you. God Bless you!

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