This Is a Day that God Has Made! Wow! We Are Silent No More!

Julie Owens posted this beautiful photo with its inspiring message on my Facebook wall.  Ms. Owens is a DV survivor and fierce advocate.  She’s an expert on PTSD in DV survivors.  And, she leads so many of us to faith-based solutions.  We share a birthday, and I was abundantly blessed when she came into my life.

Ms. Owens is one of an amazing duet of DV advocates in North Carolina ~ brilliant and brave survivors who are making a difference every day.  Kit Gruelle completes the duet.  I am amazed and humbled by what these women accomplish.  They blaze a trail for the rest of us.  Their grassroots efforts inspire people around the world.

I believe that we all must have a dream ~ something that we really, really, really want to achieve ~ to get us through the stormy seas.  My dream has been that survivors would unite and find a forum to share their wit and wisdom.  My Kiwi friend Mary Robbins, who is a world-class advertising executive, summed up my dream eloquently:  “Silent No More!”

I knew that we needed to create a map for sailing the uncharted waters of surviving, thriving, and finding joy.  So, I invested $15 to launch this site and started writing stories about famous survivors.  The site grew, and survivors started to connect.  I knew that if survivors could connect that we would ultimately break down the walls of silence ~ remove the shame and blame from the experience of domestic violence and child abuse.  Today, my blogroll has links to dozens of survivors’ websites and social media organizations.

There were times that I felt I was wandering around in the wilderness.  There were times when I wanted to give up.  I have cried more than I have smiled.  Yet, it is days like today when I realize the quest is not futile.  We are collectively and individually making a difference.  Most progress comes one step at a time, and quantum leaps are cause for celebration.

I have bitched and moaned and groaned that breast cancer eclipses domestic violence in October.  But, this year is going to be different.

Eve Ensler launched her One Billion Rising campaign which gains momentum each day:  Strike!  Dance!  Rise!

Women Hold Up Half the Sky will air on PBS on October 1 and 2.

Redbook and Soma Intimates have launched their What Freedom Feels Like campaign.  It features a series of inspiring videos of women who have escaped abuse and the celebrities who support them.  Redbook has also published a list of resources on their site.

Private Violence is in its final editing stages.  Please, please, please donate to help Ms. Gruelle finish this awesome documentary.  She has just three more days to raise $1,675.

And, Allstate is sponsoring a Purple Purse campaign to benefit YWCA programs.  It’s easy.  You go to the Click to Empower Purple Purse page on Facebook.  Then, you click on a quote to share.  And, Allstate donates $5 to the YWCA.

I’m doing a “Yippee Skippy!” dance because Navigating Uncharted Waters surpassed the 300,000 visitor mark this morning.  It boggles my mind that visitors have come from 165 countries ~ that’s only a few countries less than United Nations members.  I am beyond humbled and grateful for everyone’s support.  Thank you.  Bless you.

HuffPost posted an electoral college map projecting that Pres. Obama will receive 347 votes, and Gov. Mitt Romney will get just 191.  There are no toss-up states.

Millie Judge will be sworn in as a Snohomish County (WA) judge in January, 2013.

My case manager called to announce she has a new job.  Although I will miss her tremendously, I am thrilled for her continuing success.  I think these are all signs from the Universe that it is time for me to make like a butterfly. . .

There was other great news from my friends today, but it is private. I’ll let them decide whether to share in the comment section.  I’m smiling as I post this because sometimes our horoscopes are spot-on:

Someone might deliver the confidence boost you need today as your key planet Jupiter aligns with Mercury the Messenger. An uplifting comment from a friend or a colleague encourages you to develop a passionate idea into a real plan. On the other hand, your inspiration could motivate others to accomplish greatness. Dream your dream out loud, for whatever you believe can become part of your future.

Please join me in celebrating this day that God has made.  We are all God’s children, and we are all beYOUtiful.

10 responses to “This Is a Day that God Has Made! Wow! We Are Silent No More!

  1. President Obama is the first president in history to create the White House Advisor on Violence against Women and show a genuine concern for battered women and abused children. Romney/Ryan couldn’t care less whether 47% of battered women were killed or just beaten. The GOP are a bunch of morally, bankrupt jerks.

  2. Totally agree, Earl. That’s why I get so irritated when I find survivors supporting Romney. Pres. Obama outdid Pres. Clinton, who is a survivor of child abuse and witnessed his mother’s abuse. VAWA was passed on his watch, but it was Sen./V.P. Biden who led the charge.

    I think the 47% remark unmasked the Republicans for folks in the red states, and there’s always hell to pay when people discover they’ve been manipulated and played. A lot of people didn’t believe me when I tried to tell them, but this comment was pretty hard for them to dismiss or ignore.

    Sending hugs,
    Anne Caroline

  3. Anna,

    Oh, dear. Because of the traffic on this site, I get a ton of SPAM comments which I don’t have the time to check for the rare legitimate comment that gets caught by the SPAM filter. The filter captures almost every comment with a link embedded in it. It may also capture very long comments.

    If you can remember which day you posted the comment and what name you used, I’m willing to try to resurrect it from the 375 messages currently in my SPAM folder.

    Over the past year, the only comments I have deleted have been from cyberbullies who blasted a post with endless repetitive comments.

    Thanks for visiting my site and taking the time to comment.

    Sending hugs,
    Anne Caroline

  4. Thanks, Earl. I’ve gone back to mid-December and didn’t find a comment from her unless she left it under another name.

    Since I lost my computer earlier this month, it is very difficult for me to maintain this site and keep up with e-mail messages.

    Hope you are having great holidays.

    Sending hugs,
    Anne Caroline

  5. d

    no, don’t worry, it was lost in transmission… not your fault at all!!!

    hugs too 🙂

    Anna XXX

    ps. do you guys know of any training centres who train in line with Alice Miller? XXX

  6. Interesting question, Anna. There is an absolute dearth of information and training on recovering from child abuse. When I launched my research into survivor best practices, I quickly discovered that many successful survivors had relied on Alice Miller’s books. She personally benefitted from art therapy. So, I see a possible link between that and your own talents.

    The Artist’s Way is my own personal favorite recovery guide. I also love SARK, who is doing a lot of training.

    According to an interview with Alice Miller’s son which I just read on-line, she apparently didn’t practice what she preached at home.

    Sending hugs,
    Anne Caroline

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