Endorsements: Millie Judge for Superior Court Judge, Snohomish County, WA

Millie and Tim Judge

My choice for Superior Court Judge in Snohomish County is a no-brainer: Millie Judge.

We need Judge Judge’s intellect, integrity, and leadership expertise in Snohomish County courts.  She will be fair, she will listen, she will follow the law, and she will issue just decisions.

I have known Ms. Judge since we worked together on the Brightwater project.  She is brilliant, hard-working, talented, generous, compassionate, gracious, and calm.  She treats everyone with dignity and respect.  She has the judicial temperament that litigants deserve and expect.  She has prepared herself well to become an excellent jurist.

She went to Pepperdine, which is an outstanding law school.  She clerked for the Chief Justice of the Washington Supreme Court.  She has worked in the prosecutor’s office and in private practice.  She’s been an administrative law judge for five years.

In addition, Ms. Judge is a small business owner.  She probably knows more about land use and environmental issues than any other attorney in the state.  This expertise is especially critical as SnoCounty continues to grow.

I have every confidence that Ms. Judge’s understanding of domestic violence and the abuse dynamic will prevent SnoCounty’s courts from being manipulated as an instrument of abuse.  SnoCounty has an extraordinarily high rate of homeless DV survivors:  80% (the national average is 50%).  Clearly, the criminal “justice” system and local shelter aren’t meeting the needs of women and children experiencing abuse.

If you don’t think this is a serious issue, I think you should know that it costs the state of Washington over $12 billion/year because survivors of DV and child abuse perpetually fall through the cracks of a dysfunctional system until they end up on welfare.  I can assure you that it is nearly impossible to exit the welfare system in WA State.  $12 billion/year is serious money.

Jack Follis, the other attorney hoping to fill the spot on the bench vacated by retiring Judge Larry McKeeman, may be an able attorney.  But, I seriously question his judicial temperament and ability to retain testimony he hears.  At a recent candidate forum, he was unable to retain a simple question long enough to answer it.  He was noticeably condescending of his opponent’s track record simply because she is female.  He was dismissive of the fact that Ms. Judge went to a far better law school and has diligently taken the career steps required to become a stellar jurist.

Meanwhile, Mr. Follis has focused on enriching himself and competitive sports.  I find it hard to ignore that he crows about his commitment to the community.  If he did such a great job, where are the endorsements?  His endorsements come primarily from the wealthy and powerful in SnoCounty which tells me that the little guy will likely get crushed in his courtroom.  I checked out the cases he bragged about litigating for the little guy.  He didn’t win many of them.

Further, I can’t think of one volunteer or community endeavor he claims to have supported that benefits women.  This coupled with his disdain for his opponent simply because she is a better-qualified woman troubles me deeply.  I also noticed that most of the charitable donations he takes credit for were actually made by his law firm.  They don’t appear to be particularly generous given the fact that it is the largest law firm in SnoCounty.

Why is Mr. Follis leaving a lucrative law practice to become a judge?  His answer at the judicial candidate forum wasn’t credible.  He created the impression that his sons are well launched.  I was surprised to discover that he has two little kids.  I seriously doubt that he has fully funded their college educations or his retirement.  His practice isn’t that lucrative.

2 responses to “Endorsements: Millie Judge for Superior Court Judge, Snohomish County, WA

  1. I started a parentage case in sno. Co. In June 22,2015. I still have not had my day in court . on June 30,2015 the respondent and his attorney proposed a motion inconsistent to that of mine. To the extent to remove the child from my custody ordering reso have custody. (A child only 6mo. At that time with medical cond., resp. Never haveing had a child ever till 49yrs old) the worst thing that could of ever happened to my daughter. She has been traumatized emotionally, by her security, the only real bond she knew was me. Now comes the unbelievable act which commissioner Lee Tilley, allowed respondents attorney to attach to the respondanys declaration, a sealed confidential report, which the respondent illegally obtained nor was he a party to the matter which said document pertained to. How can a two year old document have any justification without investigating it first? The outcome a innocent baby traumatized, a future of a lot of emotional trouble , even worse its been 5months since her and I have been allowed a visit by the dad. Even though dad(if that’s what he really is) was ordered to notify me of any care provided to child that wasn’t him, court doesn’t care to hear me. Visits are ordered to be sun 3-7pm , wed 3-7 , and sun 3-7pm. Two days ago we had a contempt hearing that was supposed to take place, but they continued it as the Gal ( who wasn’t present) said she wasn’t served properly. Although she knew every detail of it as she coincidentally was at the courthouse ( appearing lost so to say in the working room drop area, as well I emailed her pictures of every piece of court doc she needed.). There’s so much more wrongfully acts by the judicial members , such as sealing the already sealed doc( discussed prev.) that I objected sealing(as it had been open for puvlis access for 2 months already), as well I verbally stated I disagree, they did it anyhow, even with no signature from me, let alone the other party whom was a party in that action. I have no representation, as I cannot afford it. I seriously need some guidance to the least. Please any advice or help of any sort, my baby girl is my world, I know she is suffering so many areas. She has rights as well that are be violated . The only thing I can think of as my next step is to go public, news and pray something be done with cases such as mine. For the record in my initial pet. summons I declared how the father had threatened numerous times he would do whatever it took to keep our daughter from me. This is killing me, knowing how I have been effected by all this corruption, I can just imagine what my baby is going thru. I hope its OK to put my email here. richter13kj @gmail.com

  2. Ms. Richter,

    My health is in grave condition. I hear your pain, and I wish I could give you good news.

    However, you and I chose the wrong country in which to live and the wrong person to love. The resources we are hoping to find and desperately need don’t exist, and my sense is that nobody ~ including the press ~ seriously gives a rat’s ass.

    Sadly, the individuals who cared and made a difference have quit, retired, or been voted out of office. You and I are on our own to survive as best we can. This will very likely be my last Christmas.

    A custody case like yours typically takes years to resolve, and the tab for attorneys fees is about $125K. Nobody can afford to take these cases on pro bono (for free).

    Therefore, your only viable avenue is to assemble a team of family, friends, neighbors, etc. who will protect you and your baby from abuse. I know this is a phenomenal task because abusers isolate us from family and friends. Everything I know is on my site.

    Millie Judge is a very good judge, but there are limits to what she can do.

    You could try the local DV shelter, but I think somebody needs an act of Congress and a miracle from God to get help from them. Resources in King County are better, but they aren’t great.

    I wish you the best,
    Anne Caroline

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