Does Romney Have a Plan? Hell, Yes! And, You Won’t Like It

Mitt Romney’s expertise is killing the golden goose after he’s safely stored all the eggs off-shore in a tax-sheltered account.  He made his fortune by finding ways to get Main Street to fund Wall Street’s greed.  His 1% buddies love him because he delivers, and he’s ruthless.

If he is elected President, he will do the same to the US treasury:  he will bankrupt it for the benefit of his 1% buddies.

The 99% won’t have living wage jobs.  The 99% won’t have health care or education.

Education and health care will be perks reserved for the 1%.

Any regulation that gets in the way of greed will be eliminated.

Young people in the 99% will be sent to war and tossed on the trash heap when they come home.

Ann-Marie Romney-Antoinette

The golden eggs will be stored in vaults off-shore, and the 1% will live happily ever after.

Mitt Romney’s plan is quite simple if you tune out the rhetoric and examine his record.

If you have enough golden eggs stashed to live the rest of your life in comfort, go ahead and vote for Mitt Romney.

However, if you want to preserve your golden goose, you’d be smart to vote for Pres. Obama and knock on doors to get your neighbors to protect their own golden geese.  It’s time to tune out the rhetoric and examine the record.

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