Would you endure 40,000 lashes for your cause?

In the spirit of Gahndi, Lubna-Ahmed al-Hussein is willing to submit to 40,000 lashes for wearing pants in public. Ms. Hussein works for the UN which has recently been criticized by Eve Ensler for failing in their promise to prevent violence against women in the Congo. The UN is not supporting Ms. Hussein’s courageous decision to go on trail rather than opt for diplomatic immunity.

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Lobbying 101: Violence Against Women Act Funding

Many women and children ~ some men too ~ are finding there isn’t much justice in our legal system. In fact, the legal system is easily manipulated as an instrument of abuse. Several bloggers, especially WordPress’ MamaLiberty, are vigilant watchdogs. If you haven’t visited her site, I encourage you to do so. You will laugh. You will cry. You may get angry.

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Bravo, Barbados!

Since I started this site just over four months ago, I have struggled with how we can establish a community of people committed to the same vision. The folks at Barbados Free Press showed me how. I am ever so grateful to them.

So, I’m going to ask all you shy flowers who tend to visit without commenting to get some interaction going on. We’ll start with a poll. A Mom’s Random Mind asked this week why bloggers aren’t doing more to demand change. We are, but I think we’d be more effective if we had a community or forum or platform where we could gather and exchange ideas and information.

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