July 22: Feast of Mary Magdalene

We know from the Gospels that Jesus perceived Mary Magdalene to be an equal partner. Some scholars suggest she might have funded his missionary work. She was with Jesus until the very end, and she witnessed the resurrection on Easter morning.

Our lives and relationships would be so very different if Church tradition was founded on such equality between women and men.

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Pres. Jimmy Carter Quits Baptist Church: “The Words Of God Do Not Justify Cruelty to Women”

I am astonished this story hasn’t been picked up by the US media. On July 12, 2009, former President Carter’s op-ed piece appeared in The Observer in the United Kingdom and was reprinted without credit by The Age in Australia. He explained why he was ending his ties of 60 years with the Southern Baptist Convention.

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Arcadian Broad: “I’m Still Standing”

Arcadian Broad turned to dance. Sharon Osborne said he had a “natural God-given gift” and “magnificent talent.” He leveraged that talent to come out on top. He danced to Elton John’s “I’m Still Standing” which was featured in The First Wives Club.

The lyrics make a great anthem for anybody who has experienced abuse and lived to tell the tale ~ the words have such power and are ever-so liberating.

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Windmills of Our Minds: Faith or Fear?

Instinctively, we react to threats to our safety with a fight or flight response. It ramps up our adrenaline and sends us into a temporary high.

It can, at times, help us to literally move mountains to remove ourselves and those we love from peril.

For those of us who have experienced abuse, it can also ruin our health (see 4/29/09 post). We can end up with health concerns like complex PTSD (C-PTSD), auto-immune disorders, and cardio-vascular problems.

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