Bravo: Private Violence Wins a Sundance Institute Grant!

Wa-Hoo! The Sundance Institute just announced documentary film grant winners. I am beyond ecstatic to share that Private Violence won in the Production/Post-Production category:

Private Violence (U.S.A.)
Director: Cynthia Hill
Have you ever wondered, “Why doesn’t she leave?” Private Violence follows domestic violence advocate Kit Gruelle as she accompanies women on the pathway from victim to survivor.

Ms. Gruelle thanked her supporters on Facebook:

We are amazed and humbled, and over the moon. . .

Thanks to everyone who has believed in this film!  We’re just about to the finish line!

Executive producer Cindy Waitt of the Waitt Institute for Violence Prevention is ecstatic:

“Private Violence” was chosen out of 772 submissions from 88 countries for a Sundance Documentary grant.  We are thrilled!

Update:  The Private Violence Documentary Project posted this statement on Facebook:

We are humbled and thrilled to be recognized by Sundance! What a long, circuitous journey this has been, but we believed this story had to be be told, myths and stereotypes challenged, dots connected, the reality of gender-based violence in the US illuminated.
Thanks to EVERYONE who has believed in us and supported us (Cindy Waitt, Gloria Steinem, Bonnie Schaefer, Jim and Sue Bernstein, just for starters….). We owe you ALL a huge debt of gratitude for your unflagging support. We can see the finish line from here!
In peace, Kit and Cynthia

Bravo to directors Cynthia Hill and Kit Gruelle and to producers Gloria Steinem and Cindy Waitt as well as to the Waitt Institute for Violence Prevention!  Great work!  Wow!

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