Bravo: Private Violence Wins a Fledgling Fund Grant!

The Fledgling Fund is a private foundation driven by the passionate belief that film can inspire a better world.  They aspire to move audiences from passive viewers to motivated citizens who are ready to act.  They have just announced new grants including:


Directed by Cynthia Hill 

Private Violence follows two women, Deanna Walters, as she seeks justice for the crimes committed against her after she left her husband, and Kit Gruelle, a domestic violence advocate through whom we meet other survivors.  This film and campaign explains a simple, but deeply disturbing, fact of American life:  the most dangerous place for a woman in America is her own home.  This reality flies in the face of a singularly common question posed to survivors: “Why don’t you just leave?”


Executive Producer Cindy Waitt of the Waitt Institute for Violence Prevention is ecstatic:

This has been an amazing week for “Private Violence.”  We were just announced as the recipient of a Fledgling Fund grant!  That and Sundance grant in one week!!!!


I deeply admire the perseverance, determination, dedication, discipline, and resourcefulness of everyone involved in creating Private Violence.  A paradigm-shifting project like it doesn’t just happen.  It is a very long and arduous journey from idea to a film’s premiere.  The process is a blend of victory and frustration which brings to mind Barbra Streisand’s Broadway Album and the lyrics of “Putting It Together:”

. . .The art of making art
Is putting it together, bit by bit
(Do we really need all these musicians?)
Link by link, making the connections, yes we do
Drink by drink, taking every comment as it comes
Learning how to play the politician
Like you play piano, bass and drums
Otherwise you’ll find your composition
Isn’t gonna get much exhibition. . .
Bit by bit, putting it together
Piece by piece,  working on the vision night and day
All it takes is time and perseverance
With a little luck along the way
Putting  in a personal appearance
Gathering  supporters and adherents. . .
Reel by reel, pout by pout
Stack by stack, snit by snit
Meal by meal, shout by shout
Deal by deal, spat by spat
Spiel by spiel, doubt by doubt
And that is the state of the art.

I’ve shared these lyrics because I know some of you are working on your own paradigm-shifting projects.  I hope the lyrics will get you through the valleys and will remind you to celebrate the victories along the way.

Bravo to Kit and Cindy!  Bravo!

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