30 Days to Less Stress: Day 4


Focus.  Breathe.  Get in the groove.  Serenity. 

That’s today’s lesson from Martin Boroson in a nutshell.  The word “stress” derives from the word “compress” ~ we try to compress too much activity into too little time and space.  Multi-tasking leads to distraction which leads to accidents and unintended consequences and more stress. 

This isn’t news to anybody.  Yet, we keep doing it.  Why? 

Extroverts are energized by having multiple things going on.  They get stressed out if they have to sit still, be quiet, and just do one thing.  They thrive on the distraction of interruptions.  If this makes you smile, you are probably an extrovert or love one. 

If, however, you are smugly thinking, “told you so!” you are probably an introvert like me.  Do not interrupt us unless you want a bite taken out of your behind.  We calm down by focusing on just one thing, completing it, and moving on to the next thing. 

Today’s lesson will be easier for introverts to incorporate into their lives because it is more natural for them. 

When we are stressed, it is typically because we are anxious about impending doom.   Meditation is like cleaning out the junk in a cluttered room.  Meditation creates a calm place for us to decompress ~ no clutter ~ no junk.  Peace and quiet. 

The deep breathing helps to clean out the clutter.  It prepares us to get in the groove.  When we’re in the groove, we can focus more rationally on the heart of our concern and develop viable options.  This leads to serenity. 

One of my visitors left a comment that was quite helpful to me.  As you know, I am profoundly disabled by Complex PTSD and depression.  The visitor suggested that focusing intently on a project would help alleviate PTSD episodes.  The posts that I write require intense concentration and focus.  The focus helps me figure out how to piece together the shattered bits of my life.  And, the content reminds me to engage in self-care.

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