30 Days to Less Stress: Day 3


After starting out telling us to practice our one minute meditation at stop lights, Martin Boroson is telling us today to close our eyes.  Yikes! 

Well, I’m going to stick with him because I discovered yesterday that stress produces cortisol which causes us to pig out and our bodies to fall apart from the inside out. 

Yesterday was bittersweet.  My little blog went over the 30,000 visitor mark!  And, I got a letter in the mail that the folks who are supposed to be helping me keep from being homeless are bailing on me.  Today, I discovered my guardian angel is on leave.  If you are the praying sort, please pray for her. 

So, I’ve been doing a lot of deep breathing.  I’m not sure it is working because I’m having one heck of a PTSD episode.   Yes, I pigged out. 

I suppose that’s the point of today’s lesson:  meditation requires more than deep breathing. 

While we don’t need to sit on the floor in a tangled yoga pose, Mr. Boroson recommends sitting at the edge of a chair with erect posture and our arms symmetrically placed.  Our feet should be firmly planted on the floor.  Close your eyes and breathe deeply for one minute. 

The photo above came with the lesson. 

He says that in time we will relax instantly whenever we assume the pose.

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