Saving Promise: Live. Thrive. Be Free.

Vernetta Cockerham sent me this press release.  I know nothing about the organization, but I think is is an excellent idea.

We need to break down the walls of silence.  We need to do something to have our voices be heard.  I signed up, and I’m looking forward to seeing whether they’ll get enough support to make a difference.

Color Me Butterfly is available on Amazon for $14.95.  It got excellent reviews.  Please feel free to cut and paste this post into your own web site.    

Mobilizing a Movement to Be Free of Domestic Violence   




With more than 32 million Americans affected by domestic violence each year, and more than three women murdered each day, domestic violence is the most serious social and family issue of our time. Now, Saving Promise courageously goes where no organization has gone before–mobilizing a movement to bring mass awareness to the pandemic of domestic violence. With a new brand, Saving Promise presents the OneVoice call to action. Starting online and culminating in a national tour, the goal of OneVoice is to collect 100,000 unified voices supporting the mission to strengthen domestic violence as a national priority.
At the forefront of the Saving Promise movement is founder L.Y. Marlow, award-winning author of the new novel Color Me Butterfly (Three Rivers Press, August 2010) inspired by the story of her family’s struggle and triumph over more than sixty years of domestic violence. L.Y. Marlow explains her passion and inspiration behind Saving Promise:
“Heart disease, breast cancer, and domestic violence are the leading issues affecting women in America. Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the Go Red for Women campaign have both created successful brands to raise awareness around breast cancer and heart disease.  But what about domestic violence? The mission of Saving Promise is to achieve this level of enlightened social consciousness for domestic violence and implement real change across America.”
Saving Promise utilizes the butterfly, the universal symbol for change, as its logo to represent its “Promise for Change”. Thrusting domestic violence to the forefront of public awareness, Saving Promise’s OneVoice call to action aims to unite the voices of the domestic violence community and community at large by collecting signatures from 100,000 people nationwide.  These signatures will be presented to the White House to emphasize the need for firmer policies, programs, services and transformative solutions. Names will be collected through the new Saving Promise website, which serves as a user friendly portal providing tools and resources to those affected by abusive relationships and inspiring them to live safe and healthy lifestyles. 
Saving Promise’s OneVoice call to action is the beginning of a year full of powerful initiatives including a national tour set to begin in early fall and a host of awareness campaigns to commence in early 2011. With the launch of these groundbreaking initiatives, Saving Promise hopes to unite and inspire all those affected by domestic violence and shine a spotlight on a matter that has for generations been seen as shameful and secretive. Most importantly, Saving Promise aims to inspire individuals, families, communities and society, to “Live. Thrive. Be Free.” of domestic violence. 



L.Y. Marlow - Website Photo w/ White BackgroundAbout L.Y. Marlow

As a survivor, an advocate, a mother, and woman who comes from four generations of mothers and daughters who suffered and survived more than 60 years of domestic violence and abuse, L.Y. Marlow has decided to not only break the cycle of domestic violence in her family but to transform their pain into a “Promise for Change”.  L.Y. Marlow portrays her family’s story through her award winning novel Color Me Butterfly, the true story of her family’s journey from tragedy to triumph.  L.Y.’s mission began when the life of her granddaughter named Promise was threatened in a domestic violence dispute and L.Y. could not let this social disease afflict Promise, now the fifth generation.  This is the story that inspired Saving Promise.     





1425 K Street NW, Suite 350     *     Washington, DC 20005      *      800-774-5760      * 






3 responses to “Saving Promise: Live. Thrive. Be Free.

  1. Fantastic! The more people who are out there actively breaking the silence and supporting survivors the better!
    It really is time to bring abuse out into the open so that perpetrators have nowhere to hide. Can you imagine a world of zero tolerance? What a wonderful place that will be!

  2. Ali, from your lips to God’s ears!

    That’s what this site is all about ~ breaking down that wall of silence. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a sisterhood of support instead of being treated like we don’t exist?

    Sending hugs,

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