Artist’s Date: Easter Sunday in Seattle

The Freemont People were decked out for Easter.   The Freemont neighborhood’s motto is “De Libertas Quirkas.”  It has been described as quirky, bohemian, artistic, and funky.  At the Summer Solstice, they have a nude bicycle parade.

It’s most infamous “resident” is the troll under the Aurora bridge at 36th and Troll.  Although I worked less than two blocks from the troll and have lived in Washington State for over 10 years, today was my first visit to the troll.  It was recently enhanced with a hub-cap eye:

Freemont isn’t totally funky.  This garden took my breath away:

I drove over the Freemont Bridge filled with confidence that I’d quickly find the promenade at the top of Queen Ann hill that Julie and I visited last weekend.  Did I ask Julie at brunch for directions or the name of the street?  No.  I drove up and down the streets of Queen Ann for about an hour before I finally decided to consult a map.

Although the weather was Seattle cloudy today, the view overlooking Elliott Bay from Highland Drive was spectacular:

The gardens along the drive were Easter Sunday gorgeous:

The marina is in Magnolia.  These photos were taken from the park at 8th Place and Highland Drive:

More photos of the delights along Highland Drive in Seattle and at the Magnolia marina are inlast weekend’s artist’s date post.

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