Artist’s Date: Julie’s Tour of Seattle

Julie took me on a tour of her favorite Seattle haunts on Saturday.  We started at Carkeek Park.

And ended the day at the Magnolia marina:


We spent most of the afternoon enjoying the delights along Highland Drive at the top of Queen Ann Hill.  Parsons Garden, a lovely memorial garden, is at the intersection of 8th Place, 7th and Highland Drive:

With a saucer magnolia tree that took my breath away:

I was so awestruck by the view from Queen Ann’s promenade that I forgot to take a photo of Elliott Bay.  So, I cheated and went back on Easter Sunday:

I did get a shot of the Space Needle from Kerry Park, a tiny park that is a photographer’s favorite at 2nd and Highland Drive:

For those of you new to my website, an artist’s date is a great way to rebound from burn out or to heal our souls from abuse.

Click here to see more Easter Sunday artist’s date photos of of Elliott Bay and the gardens along Highland Drive.

6 responses to “Artist’s Date: Julie’s Tour of Seattle

  1. Wow that picture of the Magnolia Marina is incredible, and I need to have a copy – for my very own! Beautiful! They all are (the photos that is) but that specific shot, just sings to my soul! I had a marvelous time on Saturday, we must do it again, there are so many more beautiful places in this magnificent City!

    Julie !

  2. Hey, Julie! Thanks for a LOVELY afternoon! I got two photos that are quite similar ~ will e-mail them to you. LOL ~ I told you those shots were a photographer’s dream.
    Hugs and thanks,
    Anne Caroline

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