AGT: Kari Callin Fans Are Livid

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell, are you listening?  Do you care?

Your America’s Got Talent fans are livid Kari Callin isn’t in the group of “extra 8” acts you decided to bring back.

My humble little blog is relatively obscure.  I don’t write about sexy stuff.  I write about preventing domestic violence.  Some people use the word “abuse,” and it seems from my stats and number of reader comments that most of my readers think you are a sexist prig.

My readers don’t tend to comment, but they certainly are venting about Kari.  At first, we hoped Simon Cowell was opting for a big ratings splash by bringing Kari back at the last night of the finalist round. . .a Susan Boyle redo in the U.S.

But, nope.  The “extra 8” are posted on AMG’s web site.  For the most part, the fans are sending them back home.  We’re not impressed with the quality of talent you opted to bring back:

Beale Street Flippers

Drew Stevyns

Jay Mattioli

Lake Houston Dance

SQ Entertainment Urban Dance Crew

Diva League Drag

Lollipop Girls


The only act that knocked my socks off was SQ.  Peirs Morgan acknowledged last night that he missed something with them.  He also claimed singer Lawrence Beaman was tops-ever.  I typically agree with him, but he obviously has forgotten about Kari Callin.  Her talent would blast Lawrence Beaman right off the stage.

Last night’s episode did have more talent than previous nights this round, but I fell asleep after Jay Mattioli’s sorry magic act.  I suppose that sums up my feelings about this season of AGT:  “snor.”

6 responses to “AGT: Kari Callin Fans Are Livid

  1. I really do agree that Kari Callen had been one of the best singers on AGT. Like so many others, I’ve been so disappointed that she got sent home without going through to the Vegas round, and even more so disappointed that she hadn’t been called back as a wild card. She has a beautiful voice, and she has an inner beauty. She truly deserved to, if not make it to be the winner of AGT, then to at least be one of the top 5.

  2. Last night’s competition is what each week this round should have been like.

    Lianath, I agree with you. Since I live in Seattle and Kari’s sister posted a comment, I’m going to take the liberty of e-mailing her privately to see if we can’t get some kind of Kari Callen fan club going on.

    What do y’all think???

  3. I think she’d appreciate that she has fans out there, so I like the idea of a fan club for her.

  4. yes, i was shocked and totally upset when they didn’t bring kari back. they got her hopes up by all standing after her inctedible performance and saying she could go far in he competition. they i am sure totally devestated her and took away any confidence she was building up – they had that idiot who was bleeding from his mouth put threw and leting her go. i hope ellen will pu her on her show. i will contact the ellen show and hope ohers will also.

  5. Thanks for commenting, Frank. I hear you. There were SO many acts that should have never advanced to the final round, and SO much fabulous talent that never got a chance.

    Did you know that Kari has a web site, blog, and fan club? Here’s the link:

    She’s doing fine. She has a couple of benefit concerts already. And, she plans to go back next year. I’m sure she’d love to hear from you. Thanks for continuing to support her. Caroline

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