Kari Callin Got Robbed

America's Got Talent

America's Got Talent

The judges on America’s Got Talent made me livid tonight.  I don’t know what they’re thinking cutting Kari Callin.  She was, in my opinion, one of the best talents this season.  Given their remarks and standing ovation after her performance, I am dumbfounded.

Are they sincere?  Did they play her?  I don’t know.  But, I do know I’ve lost respect for all three of them.

Given the stats already on my prior post Seattle’s Got Talent!” I suspect my point of view is universal.

My prayer is that somehow she comes back into the contest and wins it all.  She’s amazing.

Arcadian Broad is one of my favorites, but he can’t hold a candle to Kari.

Now, I’m officially incensed.  They put through the chicken farmer and that dufus who pandered to David Hasselhof, but not Kari???  Gimme a break, people!

There better be some amazing female singers tomorrow night, or I’m done with America’s Got Talent.

Update:  Kari Callen now has a web site, blog, and fan club.  To see her videos and to join, click here.

12 responses to “Kari Callin Got Robbed

  1. Yes I was rather disgusted to see them cut Kari, ashamed even by the oversight of the male judges. Truly appalling as that woman has talent and deserves this opportunity to move forward. I cannot believe she was sent home on the strip. Seriously she is far more appealing than half of those that went through. I want to see her go for her dream, to have that chance to shine. Somehow I think she can and will make miracles happen. I really want to see her succeed, I’ll buy a ticket for that.

  2. These judges are quite simply idiots!!! They should have placed Kari Callen in the top 40 and they know it. Shame on them! Simon should review her performance, over rule these brain-dead, tone deaf vegetables and put Miss Callen in the finals! America knows a beautiful voice even if Simon’s idea of judges do not! AND Simon if you think America will forget this injustice, you are sorely mistaken. I will not watch another minute of this show until I read somewhere that you have righted this wrong!

  3. I hear you, folks. The judges might have sent Kari home, but America certainly believes that Kari’s got talent. I think their strategy to go for freaks rather than talent is going to tank their ratings.

    There’s a poll on their website. 92% of viewers think they picked the wrong people to send to LA. Viewer comments are blistering.

  4. Dave, you make me smile. I agree completely.

    My hunch is that Simon Cowell is going to bring her back on the last night of this round. I can’t imagine he’ll not seize the opportunity for a Susan Boyle redo in the US.

    If not, his brand is going to self-destruct. . .especially after the whole Paula Abdul fiasco.

  5. How about the fact that MULTIPLE acts from the cut group have been brought back to the quarter finals to perform(a magician, a dance group…) yet no Kari?

  6. Funny you should ask, Nick. I was going to blog about this today. AGM’s web site has the 8 groups that they are bringing back listed. . .no Kari!!!

    So far, most of the groups bombed. . .surprise, surprise. Of course, some of the top 40 didn’t do well either.

    FYI. . .these are the “extra 8” groups ~ not much excitment IMHO:

    Beal Street Flippers
    Drew Stevyns (singer/guitar)
    Jay Mattioli (magic)
    Lake Houston Dance (girls)
    SQ Entertainment Urban Dance Crew (probably the only group that has a chance at the semi-finals)
    Diva League Drag
    Lollipop Girls (burlesque)
    U4RIA (dance)

    They claim to want diversity, so I’m no sure what was up with bringing back yet another male singer. If I recall correctly, only two adult women made it to the finals.

    What do you think, Nick? I think Kari got screwed royally.

  7. Mattioli bombed. Lake Houston Dance was horrible. U4IA did pretty good.

    Diva League Drag though? ANY of these groups over Kari Callen or Tallan Latz is a travesty. AGT_NBC is on Twitter and they skirt the issue about Kari. They replied “Oh well, none of the wildcards made it through anyway” and I was like “That’s not the point!”

    I think NBC might have had issue with her face, and they put her in the massive group ditch so the judges wouldn’t have to face her or the producers wouldn’t have to deal with her. I think it’s further evidenced by the fact they’ve brought back numerous people from that group who don’t deserve to be there.

  8. I hear you , Nick. They bombed because they didn’t have talent. What an insulting thing for them to say to us!

    I’m just stunned by all the manipulations that have gone on this season to make sure some acts don’t make it while those with far less talent get to move forward. You’d think the producers and executives would get the hint: America’s not happy with the “talent” they chose and those they jettisoned to the cutting room floor.

    LOL ~ I missed U4RIA because I fell asleep! That’s my statement on this season: “snor.”

    Thanks for leaving your comments, Nick. It is so comforting to “chat” with someone who shares my angst. This is one of my most popular posts. . .we’ve got ourselves a whole lot of company.

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  10. I’m happy with SOME of the talent, for sure. I absolutely ADORE Arcadian and practically cried when he made it. I was scared he wouldn’t. Grandma Lee rocks. Parizio(?) Dance is cool. So is Hairo Torres. But the fact that neither Kari nor Tallan were wild cards was extremely insulting, especially when BOTH, as far as my recollection goes, received THE most appause, praise, and standing ovations from the crowd and JUDGES. And yet both turned around and lopped them in a group to be sent home and never heard from again.

    Sadly, this is typical America’s/Britain’s Got Talent judge behavior. I’ve seen it on both shows. Judges will GUSH, exclaim you can win this, say if you’re not in the finals it’s a travesty, but when it’s time for them to put their money where their mouth is, they send home the very people they proclaimed winners.And if you expect me to believe that Kari’s send off was not about her looks, I’d have an easier time believing Sarah Palin was Democrat.

  11. Oh, Nick, you make me laugh! I hear you!

    Did you take a look at today’s post, “AGT: Kari Callen Fans Are Livid?” It’s a tribute to your comments ~ you got me fired up. Your comments + one from Lianath this evening have convinced me that we need to start ourselves a Kari Callen fan club. I live in the Seattle area, and her sister left a comment. Tomorrow (Thursday), I’m going to take the liberty of e-mailing her privately to see if we can’t get some kind of action going on.

    Talent instantly recognizes genius. If AGT wants second-rate talent to win. . .so be it. We can still support and applaud and give ovations to the REAL talent in America, eh?

    I was excited that SQ got invited back tonight. I’ll take it as token redemption that Kari would have made it at least to the semi-finals as well.


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