Yes, America’s Got Talent, but it got sent home

America's Got Talent 2

America's Got Talent 2

What’s up with America’s Got Talent?  With so much amazing talent this season, I was looking forward to see who would emerge as best of the very best.

But, it appears the judges and producers are going for a ratings-grab-freak show.  The poll on their web page this morning is clear:  92% of viewers believe the judges sent the wrong folks home.  The viewer comments are blistering.  I’m personally livid that so many talented women were sent home to make room on the bench for more men.  There’s something really sick about passing over Kari Callin and an angel of a little girl from Hawaii for a dominatrix.

With the economy in the sewer looking up at the toilet, I think the American people need to see dreams coming true.  We need to be reminded that hard work plus talent can make us winners too.

But, most of the talented folks got sent home.  What message does this send?

10 responses to “Yes, America’s Got Talent, but it got sent home

  1. The part that bothered me was that, apparently, they allowed acts to fly out to Vegas who had already not made the cut. 25% of the acts were cut right at the airport so they essentially made the trip for nothing.

  2. Kari inspired me the most on America’s Got Talent. I think she sang beautifully and it crushed me to see her crushed in that way. As far as the audition on the cruise line…..I think it is awful to not give people who are not “beautiful” the same chances and the same respect as those who are.

    My heart goes out to you Kari – and never give up!!!!!!

  3. I was certain, Rachel, that she was going to win it all. From the comments on the ‘net, my sense is that everyone feels the way we do.

    I pray that Kari is reading them and realizes the judges on AGT are as clueless as that cruise director.

  4. I was so mad about Kari getting cut that I am not going to watch anymore. It is just ridiculous. I hope she keeps trying and that people will give her more of a chance than AGT or the cruise ship.

  5. SmilingLDSgirl, I hear you. I’ll probably watch tonight because I’m curious just who the judges thought was better than Kari.

    HowBigSpill, Kari is the lady from Seattle who wore the red sweater. She’s the one who got booted from the cruise line auditions before she got to sing. After her performance, the judges gave her a standing ovation and told her that she was worth $40,000/performance ~ the cruise line could no longer afford her.

    You can watch her audition at this link at AGT’s web page ~ maybe that will refresh your recollection:

  6. Oh yeah. Thanks for the reminder! She seemed like a real sweetheart and I definitely thought her singing was good enough for her to move on!

  7. After I heard about the Susan Boyle article in HARPER’S BAZAAR, I realized that there’s no way Simon Cowell is going to let a Susan Boyle redo in the US slip through his hands.

    My hunch is that Kari will be brought back in the last show of this round.

  8. Kari must be back !! Most of the acts the 3 stooges,
    I mean-judges kept were ok,but who would pay to
    see them ??.She’s got an Angelic voice. Kari rec’d
    a standing ovation and tears from the audience.
    what did they base their decisions on–her looks ?
    excellent for all the ladies out there,you’re physical
    appearance means more than your voice.
    glad i was born a man……

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