NoVo Foundation Invests $1 Billion to Empower Women


NoVo is the Latin word for “change, alter, invent.”  If you had $1 billion to invest in a worthy cause, what would you do?  How would you make a dent in the universe?

The NoVo Foundation has decided to empower women and girls around the world, and their mission includes ending violence against girls and women:

No matter where or how you were raised, inequality shows up. . .connected to the injustice that affects whole societies.

We, like most people in the world, want to see that inequality end.  We’re using the foundation’s resources to be one small nudge against exploitation and violence.  We focus on improving the status of women and girls.  Around the world women and girls often suffer from violence, poverty, and discrimination simply because they are female.  We believe that when women and girls are able to be equal partners in society, transformation will occur. . .

NoVo Foundation seeks to foster a transformation in global society from a culture of domination and exploitation to collaboration and partnership, empowering women and girls as the primary agents of change. . .

Around the world, women and girls often suffer from violence, poverty, and discrimination simply because they are female. . .

. . .accompanying our focus on women and girls is a commitment to supporting the education of men and boys so that their roles may also serve to move us toward a more just society. . .

. . .women and girls must be empowered in every sphere of society.  We believe that once empowered, women and girls will play transformative leadership roles; and as women and girls become more equal partners with men and boys, a spirit of collaboration can better prevail in society.

This is the amazing vision of Peter and Jennifer Buffett.  It is how they intend to invest the Berkshire Hathaway stock his father Warren Buffet promised to each of his children’s charities.

There are a million worthy causes out there.  I am humbled that the Buffetts believe that empowering women and girls is the best way to make a difference.  It’s a pretty Outrageous Act!

I want to give a word of thanks to the Ohio State University V-Day blog for writing about the NoVo Foundation.  If you want to know more, you can read Josh Funk’s article in Forbes.

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7 responses to “NoVo Foundation Invests $1 Billion to Empower Women

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  2. How does one become a receipiant? I know of a young lady who could greatly benifit from just a little help. There are thousands of young single mothers needing help with child care in order to work or get an education. Our State Welfare system in not working well at all with this. Many single mothers have to give up their dreams because child care funds are not available.

  3. Brenda,

    Unfortunately, the NoVo Foundation doesn’t make grants to individual people.

    If you are lucky enough to live in the NYC area, I highly recommend FFAWN and the Mary J. Blige Center. If you are lucky enough to live in the Raleigh, NC area, SERA would be a great place to go for help. If you are in the Chicago area, 4th Presbyterian Church would be your best bet.

    My experience is that we have to ask LOTS of questions of everyone we can find to tap into the resources we need. It can be a full time job ferreting out viable resources. But, they are there in every community. The people who give the best help are the mothers who have figured out a way out and who come back to pay it forward.

    My own point of view is that we look to people who have been successful at what we want to accomplish for advice and resources. The most meaningful help I’ve received has always come from survivors of domestic violence who have gone on to thrive and find joy.

    You are a resourceful person, Brenda. You found this site. I appreciate your comment very much and hope you’ll take the time to surf around ~ the survivor blogs are amazing. A lot of the women who write them are moms who are on welfare and frequently homeless.

    Yet, they banded together and have done some amazing things ~ got a judge kicked off the bench in CA ~ got the National Coalition to focus on moms ~ someone from the White House came to hear their stories. The bottom line is that we have to make it happen for ourselves and for those walking in our shoes.

    Sending hugs and good wishes,
    Anne Caroline

  4. My daughter Shawnte has been raped repeated since she was in high school. She got married and the rape continued. Each pregnancy was a rape. He controlled every move she and the children made. She has finally, (after years) is divorced from this person. She is a single mom now. She want’s so much to be a counselor for domestic violence. She feel’s it is her calling. But she has no resources to go to college to get the eduction that she needs. She has to work to take care of her four children. She lives in Ashland, Va is there any help for her?

  5. Ms. Mallory,

    Doris Buffett’s Sunshine Lady Foundation provides scholarships.

    Thank you for your concern for Shawnte and for being resourceful.

    Sending hugs and best wishes,
    Anne Caroline

  6. I’m so inspired and proud of the women on this sight, you all are so brave. I myself am twenty nine and an operation Iraqi Freedom Vet, with PTSD who like you have experienced some of what you have, if you have the chance please read my story. Stay strong and fight the good fight of faith. Love you all.
    Add me on face book
    Jolie Karter

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