Barrow Institute: Brain Injury Treatment for DV Survivors

Ashley Bridwell (social worker), Maria Shriver, and Dr. Glynnis Zieman (neurologist) at the Barrow Institute.

Maria Shriver’s Today Show report on the Barrow Neurological Institute’s program for domestic violence survivors with traumatic brain injuries blew me away.  It is the first and only program in the country, and it’s free!  The Institute is located in Phoenix and is known for treating NFL players.  Their research indicates our blows to the head are typically more serious than those experienced by football players.

Sadly, survivors’ brain injuries are rarely diagnosed or treated.  The Institute discovered that 81% of the survivors they treated had so many hits to the head that they couldn’t count them all.  Their staff gives survivors the love, care, and attention which sets them free.  You can contact the program at (602) 406-4323.

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