Alt-Reich: Silent No More on Closet Nazis


If you find this post offensive or don’t agree, I cordially invite you to unsubscribe from my blog or unfriend me on Facebook.  In fact, I insist.

Why?  I grew up in a Nazi enclave outside St. Louis.  I’m intimately familiar with Nazi dog whistles, and I tend to respond like a German shepherd guard dog when I hear one.  Further, I don’t tolerate men who enjoy acts of domestic violence or bullying others.  I sure as hell won’t vote for one.


Hillary Clinton was too kind when she called half of Donald Trump’s supporters a “basket of deplorables.”  I think she should have called out the Alt-Reich crowd out for their Nazi sympathies.


A significant number of GOP leaders have disavowed Trump and have adamantly said he’s not fit to be president or commander-in-chief.  I agree.


Trump is following Hitler’s playbook and has made no secret of the fact that he fully intends to become America’s first dictator.  If you haven’t picked up on this, you haven’t been paying attention.

trump-vetsWhen I was a kid, I couldn’t fathom how any German could have supported Hitler.  I get it now.  Hitler and Trump both pander to the evil which lurks in the hearts of Nazi sympathizers.  Hitler hated his father’s Jewish ancestry so much that he attempted to wipe out everyone who practiced the Jewish religion.  It makes me wonder whether Trump is doing the same for immigrants because his grandfather illegally immigrated from Nazi Germany to avoid the draft.


People who support Trump claim they don’t find Hillary Clinton “trustworthy.”  Bullshit.  “Trust” and “transparency” are code words for, “I’m a racist, sexist asshole and don’t want to admit it to friends, colleagues, and family.”


I’m writing this intentionally inflammatory post because I’m pissed as hell that mainstream media isn’t honoring their First Amendment obligation to engage in investigative journalism and inform the public.  Trump is getting the same “boys will be boys” pass given to rapist athletes.  Donald Trump is a malignant narcissist and quite possibly the most corrupt individual to ever run for president of the United States.


If Trump really and sincerely wanted to “make America great again,” he’d bring manufacture of his goods back from China.  He’d pay subcontractors and employees for the work they did for him and apologize for driving many of them into bankruptcy.  He’d release his tax returns so we would know whether his “empire” is, in fact, a house of cards.


He’d stop inciting his supporters to violence.  He’d stop making derogatory comments about women, Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, etc.  He’d apologize to Pres. Obama for his ridiculous birther campaign which he launched to test the waters on whether being a racist asshole might garner support from voters.  He’d stop projecting his guilt onto Hillary Clinton.  He’d stop eviscerating and threatening anyone who challenges him.  He’d release his damned tax returns.  He’d stop lying to voters and manipulating them to vote against their own self-interest.

And, he’d stop bragging about how much he’d love to bang his daughter.


Trump supporters love him because he’s made is socially acceptable to come out of the Nazi closet.  Even if he isn’t elected, he’s unleashed a torrent of racist, sexist, homophobic vitriol that will endure long after the election is over.  He’s made it fashionable to be ugly Americans.  And, he’s given every abusive asshole in America a green light to beat the hell out of us.


If you support this con artist, I don’t want to hear your bullshit excuses.  You’ve told me who you are:  a closet Nazi.



5 responses to “Alt-Reich: Silent No More on Closet Nazis

  1. Dump the Trump, because he will be worse George Bush, the oil thief of Baghdad. Trump will be for the billionaires, like himself, and for Big Oil, and the “hec” with the rest of the country.

  2. I agree with you! What I don’t understand is how so many people are in favor of him! It is amazing to me that he got nominated! Keep writing. You explain it so well!

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