OneBillion Rising

It’s like a huge feminist tsunami.
– Eve Ensler

One Billion Rising will start today in Samoa and spread around the world to all 200 countries! One Billion Rising is the largest global day of action to end the patriarchal epidemic of violence against women and girls.  It is Eve Ensler’s 15th anniversary celebration of V-Day.

Jarvis Green, NFL Player

Jarvis Green, NFL Player

On Valentine’s Day, where will you be?
– Jarvis Green

You can find an event near where you live at the 1 Billion Rising map.  Please wear red and black to show your solidarity.

Debbie Allen

Debbie Allen

Debbie Allen has choreographed “Break the Chain” which is the dance anthem for One Billion Rising that flashmobs will perform around the world.

Please share how you will be celebrating One Billion Rising on social media:

  • Twitter user? Please post all your updates using the #1BillionRising hashtag.
  • Facebook? Post your photos for your friends and on our wall so we can share them.
  • Google+ user? Join our One Billion Rising Event and upload your photos directly from your mobile device!
  • Instagram-er? Be sure to tag your shots #1BillionRising.
  • YouTube star? #1BillionRising.
Eve Ensler in London

Eve Ensler in London

The world is ready to shift and it begins with you.
The One Billion revolution has started and
with your pledge it will continue to grow.
– Eve Ensler

The party won’t stop on V-Day. Please take the One Billion Rising pledge to make ending violence against women and girls the central issue locally, nationally, and globally.  In her message from London last week, Eve Ensler said:

This should be a week of joy. . .

We have everyone on the planet joined in our common struggle to end violence against women and girls. . .

This is actually the beginning of the new world where we will have brought violence against women to the center of the agenda where it will never be marginalized again.   I think it is very important that on February 14 everybody takes a pledge for the one thing you are going to do in the next year to end violence against women and girls so we make sure that this win, this fire that we have created ends up having maximum impact. . .

When we dance on the 14th, the whole idea is that we break out of this cage of patriarchy, fear, and intimidation, and we blast open the boundaries that have kept our selves, kept our creativity, kept our vision, kept our body in prison, and we discover this new energy which is going to fuel the planet. . .

I love you all so much, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. . .let’s make February 14 the biggest, massive, most joyous, fiercest action the world has ever known.  

OneBill Dance

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4 responses to “#1BillionRising

  1. I wish I could do this! Next year for sure. Thanks for bringing awareness to this event and to such an important issue. Have a wonderful week!

  2. Thanks, Joy! I vaguely recall an event in your neighborhood, and I’m really hoping I get to see a flashmob.

    The Vaginia Monologues will be staged at various local universities in March.

    Happy V-Day,
    Anne Caroline

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