Happy 85th Birthday, Doris Buffett!

Doris Buffett

Doris Buffett

We’re supposed to empower, but not enable.
It’s a fine line and I think it makes them more responsible in the end.
– Doris Buffett

Today is Doris Eleanor Buffett’s 85th birthday. Happy Birthday, Ms. Buffett!

She is founder of the Sunshine Lady Foundation and author of Giving It All Away, An Obscure Family: The Buffetts in America, and the “A Woman’s Legacy of Love is Priceless” chapter in The Seven Pearls of Financial Wisdom.

Warren and Doris Buffett

Warren and Doris Buffett

If I couldn’t have a fairy godmother, then I can be a fairy godmother now.
– Doris Buffett

Ms. Buffett is the older sister of billionaire Warren Buffett. He sends requests for help from individuals to her Sunshine Lady Foundation which invests in survivors of domestic violence. Ms. Buffett is a survivor of child abuse.


What’s better than some happy memories?
– Doris Buffett

Please join me in wishing Ms. Buffett a lovely birthday filled with happy memories.

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One response to “Happy 85th Birthday, Doris Buffett!

  1. Dear Doris,

    I think of you often & hope you are well. You are an amazing lady. I think of you often and we are thankful for picking our letter from the many & for helping us as you did.

    Sincerely, Brown’s of New Hampshire.

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