Mark Twain: Explore. Dream. Discover.

Thanks, Julie Owens, for sharing this on FB

Thanks, Julie Owens, for sharing this inspirational quote on FB

V-Day was Navigating Uncharted Waters’ 4th anniversary. This inspirational Mark Twain quote which was posted on my Facebook timeline by Julie Owens seems like a great way to celebrate how far we’ve all come on our journeys.

Ironically, 20 years ago, there was something I most definitely wish I’d never done ~ get involved with Mr. Really Super-Duper Wrong.  He was a player who seduced me with the mastery and romanticism of Yo-Yo Ma playing the cello.  His true Bluebeard character emerged after it was too late to escape.

When I realized that my fear of him was driving my life’s choices, I jettisoned that bowline at Little Whale Cove.  If Sir Francis Drake could leave that safe harbor to sail the Pacific without a map, I too could catch the trade winds in my sails.  It was time for me to:


As I sailed those uncharted waters, I met many fellow survivors who have enriched my wisdom and enhanced my life.  Bless you all.  Thank you!

Now, let’s kick One Billion Rising up another notch and form a Silent No More network of survivors!



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