Christie Brinkley on Divorcing a Narcissist (PAS): “I Just Want Peace”

Christie Brinkley

I just want peace.
And every time I have any joy or any kind of success in anything,
he has to try to destroy it.
– Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley has courageously brought the arduous battles of protective mothers into the spotlight.  She was on the Today Show this morning with Matt Lauer to talk about her Broadway play Chicago, but Mr. Lauer was more interested in the morning talk show duel with Good Morning, America (GMA)where Ms. Brinkley’s ex-husband Peter Cook appeared a few weeks ago.

Ms. Brinkley was clearly upset that Mr.  Lauer had sandbagged her.  By the end of the interview, Ms. Brinkley was in tears.  Mr. Lauer made a disingenuous promise to bring her back to promote Chicago.  She responded:

That’s what I wanted to talk about today.

In response to Mr. Lauer’s badgering questions, Ms. Brinkley suggested a solution for the litigation abuse waged by malignant narcissists:

. . .legislation that protects families from a spouse who has been diagnosed by the court-appointed forensic psychiatrist as a  bona fide malignant or extreme narcissist…. This is something the courts need to come to grips with.

Theoretically, I agree with her.  Yet, I’m concerned that many judges wouldn’t recognize or understand narcissistic personality disorder because it looks too much like what they see in the mirror.  Judges were litigators before they got on the bench, and most successful litigators are narcissists.

Further, the court room is where legal issues are resolved.  Judges aren’t trained psychologists.  Even the best psychologists don’t have pragmatic, helpful answers on how to effectively exorcise a narcissist from our lives.  You can’t just leave when you have kids, and narcissists will retaliate with lethal force when their facade is ripped away to reveal the cowardly scoundrel hiding beneath the mask.

Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook

This creates one hell of a dilemma for protective mothers.  Most don’t have Ms. Brinkley’s resources.  I’m not just talking about money to hire attorneys.  I’m also talking about her ability to deal effectively with members of the press who ask asinine questions and sandbag you during an interview.

Mr. Cook is clearly a pit bull abuser and malignant narcissist.  He blames Ms. Christie for his infidelity.  He blames her for holding him accountable for payment of minimal child support.  He told GMA that she “publicly castrated” him.  Oh, please.  He’s the one who initiated a smear campaign and outrageously suggested that Ms. Brinkley was seeking publicity to prop up her sagging career.

Alexa Joel, Sailor Cook, Christie Brinkley, Paris Cook

The heart of the matter is that narcissistic Mr. Cook is nobody without Ms. Brinkley, the iconic “Uptown Girl” and Cover Girl.  She’s had ample opportunity to appear on Oprah and every other tabloid talk show.  Yet, she never discussed divorcing a narcissist until Matt Lauer sandbagged her today.  In fact, she insisted on a confidentiality agreement in a futile attempt to bring an end to Mr. Cook’s bullying and smear campaigns.

On the fourth hour of the Today Show, Kathy Lee Gifford sought revenge in a self-righteous, narcissistic diatribe that revealed her ignorance about domestic violence, PAS, and malignant narcissism.

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10 responses to “Christie Brinkley on Divorcing a Narcissist (PAS): “I Just Want Peace”

  1. saying all judges are narcissists is like saying all beautiful women are stupid.. or all men are pigs.. making an umbrella statement is dangerous and unfair… other than that I agree with the rest of the article

  2. Mary,

    Thanks for your comment. I didn’t say “all” judges are narcissists ~ I used the word “most.” Based on my professional experience and personal observation from both sides of the bench, I’d say that’s accurate. However, in deference to your comment, I will change it to “many” which is a generous understatement.

    Anne Caroline

  3. I think it would be wonderful if there was a law that forced parents to undergo a psych exam by a forensic psychiatrist when going through a contentious divorce. My brother would have custody of his kids right now, with limited and supervised.visitation I’m sure. Children would be so much better off in this counrty. Parent alienation syndrome is far too prelevent by both mothers and fathers, and it is done by too many narcissists.

  4. Jeannette,

    I agree with you, but my sense is that you aren’t able to recognize narcissistic personality disorder.

    If you really want to help your brother, you would be wise to encourage him to get quality therapy before the custody hearing.

    Anne Caroline

  5. In response to Mary, above – Ms. Brinkley did not say ALL Judges were narcissists. Perhaps critical or at least accurate reading before commenting might be one first step to understanding the truth behind many issues including insidious narcissism.

  6. Anne Caroline
    Not sure if you followed my brothers case to the end, but all charges were dropped and it was realized that a mean, vindictive wife made the whole thing up to get her way in a divorce and custody battle. So, I guess I can recognize narcisissitic personality disorder. Saw it in my sister in law for years. Your man-hating, prejudiced and uninformed views clearly point to you being the one that needs to get quality therapy.

  7. Christie is a narcissist herself. She was divorced 4 times and is now dating another cheater. How dumb can you be? She is the perfect example of beauty WITHOUT brains.
    No wonder the judge in her last divorce concluded she had mental issues and falls for the wrong kind of men.

    Kelly Rutherford has no one to blame but herself. A bad mother and a woman who makes us women and moms look bad to men who do their best for their kids.

  8. I would love to have a conversation with Christy Brinkley.

    I was married to a judge for 28 years who is a textbook narcissist.

    He has succeeded in plotting, planning and executing his “promise” to destroy me.

    I have literally been held hostage by his ability to play puppeteer and “God” in portraying himself as the victim.

    I had a wonderful attorney who was not afraid of him and whom convinced the judge (who didn’t know him) that I had been a loyal and supportive wife and who was fair (50/50) in distributing the marital assets.

    My goal is to both help and educate others who may be in the same situation.

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