State Integrity: Best State Gets a Grade “B+”

A “B+” average isn’t very exciting.  It certainly wouldn’t make anyone valedictorian.  Your granddaddy would have had to leave one hell of a legacy to get you into Harvard or most law schools.

Yet, the attorneys who are running our states are crowing about being at the top of the state integrity list.  Chilling thought.  A “B+” is as good as it gets:  New Jersey with a score of 87%.  Connecticut came in second with a score of 86% or a grade of “B.”  The rest of the top five got a “B-” ~ Washington (3rd with 83%); California (4th with 81%); and Nebraska (5th with 80%).

The bottom eight states all got an “F” with Georgia coming in last at just 49%.

On the State Integrity Investigations’ web site, you can check out the risk of corruption in the state where you live.

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