We Interrupt This Survivor Celebration to Protest Callous Indifference: Why 8 People are Dead in Seal Beach, CA

Eight people are dead.  Another is clinging to life.  It is National Domestic Awareness Month, but you wouldn’t know it because the media prefers the color pink. . .even though there are at least twice as many of us wearing the color purple.  We flat out don’t matter until somebody ends up dead.

Based on early reports, it appears Scott Dekraai is a pit bull abuser/PAS father, who got out his arsenal of guns when the judge told him he wouldn’t get full custody of his son.  He went to the salon where his ex-wife Michelle Fournier Dekraai works and shot up the place.  CNN is reporting that she was one of the victims.

Topeka DV Protestors

Meanwhile, a bunch of PAS activists in Topeka, KS were raising hell because the idiots in charge of the criminal “justice” system got into a pissing contest over funding prosecution of domestic violence perpetrators.  According to the Huffington Post, the politicians found plenty of money to keep the golf courses green, but they couldn’t find the money to keep women and children safe.

The insanity of this just pisses me off.

It’s a rare beautiful day in Seattle.  Thanks for reading my rant.

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