5 responses to “Sherri Peak: Spotlight on Hi-Tech Stalking

  1. Sherri’s story is not crazy, it is a typical story of any woman who is being stalked by a (former) boyfriend/husband with the intention of killing her.

  2. Earl,

    How are you? It’s been awhile. . .great to hear from you.

    Once again, you’ve nailed it ~ what’s crazy is that it took a herculian effort for her to get taken seriously by the authorities. They’re slow learners, but she got them to see the light.

    Are you liking the survivor stories this month???

    Sending hugs,

  3. The attorneys my ex hired either use this themselves using the defense that it helps keep track of potential abusers and the child in a custody case. The Assistant City of Austin Attorney Brad Norton filed suit for this in 2003. This legal team found every legal loophole to have the courts sign orders that it is OK. This was on the Texas A.G.’s site for City Cases including this attorney and her firm. Now, it has been removed, but I luckily made a copy of it. Abusers with unethical lawyers suggest this spyware which costs only $200.oo and can hook onto you IPS permanently. It also grants you access to IPHONEs. Look up Tipping Point.com in Austin. These items are now for public sale, which were once only for government officials.

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