Huskies’ Coach Lorenzo Romar: A Champion Who Wears Purple On and Off the Court

Lorenzo Romar, PAC 10 Championship (2011)
Lorenzo Romar is Seattle’s greatest champion for domestic violence prevention.  He is a favorite speaker at fund-raising events.  He explained his commitment to Seattle Post-Intelligencer columnist Susan Paynter at a Men’s Network Against Domestic Violence event in 2004.  He was one of a few brave men at the event willing to break the walls of silence about experiencing child abuse:
You feel helpless. . .I became a Christian about 21 years ago. . .I saw the signs, the outbursts, and I caught myself.
Coaching Boys Into Men Who Respect Women

Coach Romar brings the same enthusiastic optimism to his speaking engagements that he used to turn around the University of Washington’s Huskies’ fortunes on the basketball court.  He coaches his players to play well and to treat women with dignity and respect.  He told Ms. Paynter that he counsels his players:

Just hauling off and hitting someone, child or adult, is a lack of self-control or creativity. . .a temporary release. . .you won’t like yourself. . .that person may forgive you, they’ll never forget. . .going to haunt you.

He’s an ace recruiter of basketball players.  He brings equal passion to the prevention of domestic violence.  He created a video for the May 25, 2011 Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® in Seattle.

He and his wife Leona created the Lorenzo Romar Foundation to focus on the prevention of domestic violence.  The couple have three daughters:  Terra, Tavia and Taylor.

 He survived.  He’s thriving and has found joy. 

 October is Domestic Violence Awareness month.  Please join me in wearing your purple and celebrating survivors.

One response to “Huskies’ Coach Lorenzo Romar: A Champion Who Wears Purple On and Off the Court

  1. Kudos to Mr. Romar. It is great to see a man so passionate about domestic violence prevention. It is a slow turning wheel – perhaps more men will see the light and teach younger guys that violence is wrong – especially against the vulnerable. Perhaps we can then break the cycle. This post is inspiring.

    Also, if you don’t mind please email me your email address. I would love to send you a link to my domestic violence awareness embroidered patches. You may reach me at,

    Thank you Anne Caroline.


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