Narcissism in a Nutshell

I have struggled for decades to more timely identify narcissistic behavior in a relationship.  This morning I had an epiphany:

Narcissists are incapable of love.

They crave it.  They want it.  They greedily devour love, but they never, ever return a drop of it.  Quite simply, their personalities are devoid of loving characteristics:

Thank you, Julie Owens

A narcissist is the center of a universe of one.

A narcissist is rude, selfish, and easily angered.  A narcissist keeps a record of wrongs and delights in evil.  A narcissist is envious and dishonest.  A narcissist hurts others and blames them for feeling pain.  A narcissist projects their own guilt onto others.

A narcissist will steal you heart but won’t return your love.


A narcissist’s relationships are always a one-way street.  They emotionally bankrupt every relationship they have.  While everyone is worthy of love, we would be wise to love a narcissist from a safe distance and protect our boundaries.

Healthy love is kind, patient, generous, honest, and respectful.  These are the people we should embrace into our inner circle.

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