Excellence Award: Everett Downtown Storage

Sunny Allen-Estes and Pat Sievers

Lindsey Legaspi referred me to Everett Downtown Storage, where my treasured belongings were exceptionally safe while I was homeless for three months.

Everett Downtown Storage is owned by Pat Sievers and managed by the phenomenally talented and resourceful Sunny Allen-Estes.  Sunny lives up to her name.  I met her on one of the darkest and most terrifying days of my life, and her competence, professionalism, and personality calmed me down and helped me feel very secure.
If you are looking for a world-class storage solution, I highly recommend Everett Downtown Storage.  From the moment your truck or car rolls into their covered loading bay, you will find easy access to your storage unit as well as state-of-the-art security measures.  The units are heated, secure, dry, and clean.  Extensive measures are taken to prevent rodents and cockroaches and other unwelcome “tenants” that are common in most storage facilities.
I believe that Everett Downtown Storage will exceed the expectations of the most demanding client.  The staff is outstanding.  Their integrity and commitment to the community are rare.  The environment they create is warm, friendly, professional, compassionate, and highly secure.
I was very disappointed that my bout with pneumonia prevented me from participating in their auction and yard sale on May 14.  I was really looking forward to connecting with Sunny, Amy, and Pat again.  It isn’t often that we miss the people who store our stuff, eh?


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