Shout-Out: Rodeo Inn

Steve, Luli, Mark, and Rocky

While I was homeless for three months, I stayed at the Rodeo Inn in Lynnwood, WA.  I became quite fond of the team that operates the motel.  Their mascot Rocky (a dachshund) could cheer up anybody on the most cloudy Puget Sound day.

Steve, Luli, and Mark are warm, compassionate, exceptional people who bought joy into my life every day.  They and the owner bent over backward to make my stay pleasant and to help me set up a room that felt like home.

Life at the Rodeo Inn was an adventure, and I was surprised at the friendliness of the staff and guests.  I will forever treasure this easy camaraderie and atmosphere of mutual support.

If you are looking for a safe, comfortable, and friendly place to stay north of Seattle ~ for a day or a year ~ I highly recommend the Rodeo Inn.  Their rates are exceptionally reasonable, and the Rodeo Inn is very pet-friendly.  All rooms have a microwave, bar frig, and Internet access.  The Byrds give it eight wings way up!




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