New Year’s Resolutions: Morphing Impossible into I’m Possible

Path to Victory

Each New Year’s Eve most of us are filled with hope and optimism that the new year will be better.

New Year’s Day is an optimal time to reinvent ourselves.  Yet, we may not know how to pull it off.

The secret is to know what we really, really, really want.  If we could have it, would we really want it?  Are we willing to put in the effort to make it happen?  Will we welcome the downside as much as the hoped for advantages?  Fame and fortune, for example, sound like fun until we factor in the loss of privacy and incessant demands.

If you won the mega-lottery tonight, what would you do with the money?  Seriously.  How would you invest it?  Or, would you blow it?  How would the money change your life?

Dream a little.  Fantasize a little.

This will help you understand what you really, really, really want. . .your soul’s desire.

Next, think about something you can do right now to start to make it happen.  There’s an old joke about having to actually buy a ticket if we want to win the lottery.  Our dreams have no chance of becoming reality if we don’t, in fact, buy the ticket.

What’s Your Ticket to Ride?

Each of us has a passion burning inside.  This passion may be hiding under layers of disappointment and heartbreak.  We may feel like a giant has been stomping on our spirits.  Still, this light of passion glows inside.  It is our ticket to success and happiness.

We buy tickets when we want to reach a destination.  Where do you want to be on December 31, 2011?

Before we launch our journey, we need to pack wisely.  What in your life is essential for your journey?  What do you need to jettison so that you won’t be lugging so much baggage that you won’t be able to move forward?

New Year's Eve fireworks in Paris

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New Year’s Tradition:  Two Lists

As the clock winds down on New Year’s Eve, I make two lists.  It is a tradition I adopted watching the 2000 celebrations from around the world.

On ten pieces of paper, I write down what I’d like to jettison.  I similarly write down what I want to welcome into my life.

In the last minutes of the year, I rip up ~ one at a time ~ the papers of what I want to jettison and toss them into the fire while asking the Universe to remove them from my life.

In the first minutes of the new year, I invite ~ one by one ~ the experiences and things into my life that will help me arrive at my destination for the year.

In essence, it is a commitment ceremony.  It is different from making resolutions which most people don’t keep.  It is a way of focusing energy and intention.  It creates the foundation from which I can build my life.  It helps set priorities and develop an action plan.

It is the way I remind myself of SARK’s attitude that “impossible” can morph into “I’m possible.”

What are your favorite New Year’s traditions?

In 2011, I wish everyone an abundance of blessings:  health, prosperity, joy, and love.  Happy New Year!

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