Artist’s Date: Virtual Trip to the Caribbean

Fishing Village, Aruba

 Stressed out?  Wish you were in the Caribbean?

Infiniti Pool, Grand Bahama Island

 Comcast has a very cool On Demand feature called the Windows Channel which you can find within the Get Local menu.  The premise is that viewers can take a virtual vacation for about 45 minutes.  My favorite is the Caribbean.  I also love Rocky Beaches (West Coast) and Waterfalls.  All are available in HD.  If you turn on your surround sound, it feels and sounds like you are there.

Leinster Bay, SJVI

The virtual Caribbean vacation takes viewers on 11 visits to locations in the Virgin Islands, Aruba, and the Bahamas from sunrise to sunset:  Aruba, St. John’s, Leinster Bay, Trunk Bay, Francis Bay, Cinnamon Beach, and Grand Bahama Island.

Trunk Bay, SJVI

 You can hear the shore birds and the waves hit the beach.

Francis Bay, SJVI

 You can watch a scuba diver.

Ocean View, Aruba

 Take in the view from the ocean and the hills.

Islands View, SJVI

 Watch a sail boat float across the water.

Cinnamon Bay, SJVI

 Return to Trunk Bay and Cinnamon Beach/Bay several times during the day.

Trunk Bay, SJVI

 And, watch the sun set at Cinnamon Beach.

Cinnamon Beach at Sunset, SJVI

Each time I watch, I am reminded that it really is better in the Bahamas.  And, on this trip, I don’t have to endure TSA pat-downs or blizzard-related scheduling hassels or worry about the cost.  I can “travel” to paradise with a few clicks of my remote.

The Windown Channel is scheduled to be available until December 31.  Kick back, and enjoy your trip!

2 responses to “Artist’s Date: Virtual Trip to the Caribbean

  1. Wow! Does this bring back great memories! And some that suck too unfortunately. I took my abuser to St. Thomas and St. John for a birthday present before we got married. Both islands are fantastic though…I can’t wait to return with some real friends to erase the bad old memories. I rented a crude bungalow right next to the beach at Cinammon Bay, it is a National Park site (campground and bungalows) and was extremely reasonable to stay there. The wild burros on the island would wander though our site at dawn…it was so cool. Also went snorkeling at Trunk Bay…while I was in the surf trying to get my flippers on, a school of angel fish came up to me and was giving “angel kisses” to my knees and legs (thank God they weren’t pirannahs…LOL). There was a bar right on the beach in Cruz Bay, what a great place to drink rum and eat hot shrimp. And it seemed like apartments were actually pretty reasonable to rent there. The bars also had a 4 hour happy hour, with $1.00 long neck Buds…what a great deal. I sure loved St. John! Thanks for the post!

  2. Nancy,

    Do you have access to Comcast digital??? If so, it would be a great way to ring in the New Year ~ they have other “vacations” to Chicago (I didn’t recognize anything except the Chicago River) and South America.

    I need to figure out how to tape them just in case Comcast cancels them at the end of the year. Best damned stress reliever I’ve found in a long time.

    Hope you are recovering and having happy holidays??? It is so good to see you posting again.

    Sending hugs and warm wishes,
    Anne Caroline

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