Artists’ Date: Barbara Bentley at Pike Place Market

 Barbara Bentley, author of A Dance with the Devil:  A True Story of Marriage to a Psychopath, and her husband Rex Johnston were in Seattle last week.  The two met as co-workers in 1969 and reconnected at the Justice for Murder Victims dinner dance in San Francisco.  Barbara described the end of the evening in the prologue of her book:

It felt good to be able to trust a man again.

Rex is a first-class gentleman.  He treated Barbara and me to a lunch at Cafe Champagne on Post Alley.  Although the restaurant was noisy, the food was divine.  Yum!

Of course, we did the obligatory tour of Pike Place Market including the flying fish stand with this spooky looking fish. 

We all admired these peppers hanging in another stall.

And, the bounty of beautiful flowers is always a photographer’s delight.

Barbara and Rex generously gave me a few bottles of Bentley Cellars’ award-winning wines.  Barbara designs the labels, and Rex is the winemaker.  And, Barbara signed my copy of her book.  You can read my review by clicking here.  I wrote about Barbara’s story last June.  In September, she won the Paul H. Chapman Award for her work to change divorce laws in California.

Thanks for a delightful afternoon, Barbara and Rex!  It was fabulous to meet you both!

Note:  Click here to learn more about artist’s dates.

2 responses to “Artists’ Date: Barbara Bentley at Pike Place Market

  1. hee hee. i have a very similar picture of a monkfish from my visit to pike’s market.

    what an outstanding fish he is!!

  2. LOL ~ is that what kind of fish it is??? I couldn’t recall. I only remember the sign about tickling its tonsils, and the fish mongers pulling on the tail to make it look alive ~ like it would gobble us up!


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