Happy Birthday, Susan Wiggs!


Y’all know Susan Wiggs is my absolutely favorite author.  Today’s her birthday! 

Susan’s one of the most generous people on the planet.  For her birthday, she’s giving the present.  You can win all these books plus The Ocean Between Us, which is just out in paperback. 

If you haven’t read any of Susan’s books, I encourage you to click on the links above and enter to win before May 22 (Saturday).  Sorry, Kiwi Mary, U.S. residents only.  Y’all won’t be getting competition from me ~ I already own autographed copies of all the books. 

If somebody put a gun to my head and forced me to pick a favorite, it would probably be Just Breathe.  I love, love, love her Lakeside series.  Truth be told ~ I love all her books, and I’ve read some more than once or twice. 

I was psyched to learn this morning that Table for Five has been optioned for a movie!  As her daughter Elizabeth (Wiggs) would say, “Yippee Skippy!”  

Wiggs is writing a new blog about living with anxiety disorders.  As I write this, I realize one of the things that’s been missing from my life are my daily visits to blogs that bring joy into my life.  So, even if you don’t want the books, put Susan and Wiggs on your blog roll ~ visit them when you need some pure joy and unconditional love in your life. 

Happy Birthday, Susan!  May you be blessed abundantly.


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