Bravo! PAS Mothers’ Silent White House Vigil on Mother’s Day, 2010

© 2010 Nancy Carroll for CNN

History was made yesterday in front of the White House.  Mother’s Day is inordinately painful for fierce warrior mothers who have lost custody of their children because they tried to protect them from abuse.  Parental alienation syndrome (PAS) is an insidious manipulation of the legal system as an instrument of abuse via brutal custody battles.

While I’m sure many of these mothers cried enough tears yesterday to transform a desert into an oasis, they dried those tears and kicked butt!

Nancy Carroll, creator of RightsForMothers, wrote an article published by CNN!  Yippee Skippy!  I want all of you to click on that link to CNN ~ yes it is in this post twice ~ because  y’all need to click up the number of visitors to Nancy’s article so CNN takes our cause seriously.  If you have your own blog, I want you to write about this historic moment.  If you are pressed for time, I’m going to give you permission to copy this post.

We absolutely, positively need to celebrate this moment in history.

Celebrate the Mothers

I heard about this event from three different people:  Mildred Muhammad and Nancy Carroll.  I couldn’t believe the three of them were in front of the White House together!  Wow!

Some mothers like Jacqueline Costadora and her friend Dawn couldn’t make it to Washington, D.C.  But, they each did their own silent protest.  Dawn delivered a speech that knocked my socks off and posted it on YouTube.  If you think you can’t make a difference, I want you to watch Dawn’s video.  She’s just like you.  Nancy’s just like you.  Mildred’s just like you.

These amazing women are ordinary folks who did something extra-ordinary yesterday.  History is made when one of us decides we’ve had enough injustice, and we set out to change things.  When we stick together like all these women did yesterday, we get change.

Thanks, ladies, for your courage, tenacity, creativity, and resourcefulness.  Bravo!  Bravo!

One response to “Bravo! PAS Mothers’ Silent White House Vigil on Mother’s Day, 2010

  1. Please link this and forward it everywhere. The woman is innocent. She needs to be out!

    Elsa Newman is a heroine in my book….
    Her only crime was trying to protect her two young sons from abuse,….Elsa Newman was wrongly convicted first by the media which sabotaged her due-process before she ever walked into a courtroom and then by an aggressive prosecutor with an important political agenda, whose focus was to uphold the broken, biased social service system which Elsa criticized. … she was convicted and sentenced for a crime she did not commit, that indeed was committed, and confessed to by another. It is an injustice of epic proportions.
    The Petition Site
    Maryland Delegate Joan Pitkin (Retired) Read and sign. Please check back to make sure you were counted. You have to press “Sign” twice to complete the process. Anonymous is fine though comments are encouraging. To read more search Rachel Weeping for her Children Elsa Newman.

    “Ms. Newman…has shown herself to be a dependable, caring person of significant intellectual accomplishment and it is a pleasure to know and work with her.”
    Judge Brenda Murray
    National Association of Women judges’ Women in Prison Project

    “Someone who approaches life as Elsa does with commitment, love and understanding is not capable of planning the injury of anyone.” P. Christopher Schwartz, Deacon
    St. Lawrence Catholic Church

    “Ms Newman is not a member of our Therapeutic Community, but … (she) is very knowledgeable regarding Yoga and meditation practices… I have appreciated (her) energy, insight and positive interaction… Loretta Elizalde, Program Director
    Second Genesis

    “Miracle of miracles, Sara finally got her GED. You were a God’s send….without your patience and kindness in helping her succeed, it would not have happened.”
    Mother of an inmate tutored by Ms. Newman

    “…(Elsa Newman) cares about her children very much and worries about their well being a great deal….I think her faith has been a strong support for her in these difficult times, and it works for her because it has been a part of her makeup for a long time…a woman of intellect and human compassion. “
    Rabbi William D. Rudolph
    Congregation Beth El of Montgomery County


    Friends of Elsa Newman
    Margaret Candler

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