Jewel Tells Her Story on Her Blog, The Boot

Jewel Shares Sweet Love Story and Bittersweet Memories

Posted Feb 12th 2010 9:45AM by The Boot Staff

JewelShe’s a multi-platinum selling recording artist who’s conquered the pop, folk and country worlds. And in addition to penning the majority of songs on her eight studio albums, she’s also written books of poetry. If there’s one thing in which Jewel prides herself, it’s being a writer.
The blond beauty, happily married to rodeo star Ty Murray, also prides herself in her relationship with her fans. Jewel has teamed up with The Boot to share personal photos and what could be the most personal pieces in her writing portfolio.
 The songbird will be blogging every Friday for the next month right here on The Boot, sharing with her fans memories about life on the ranch, life on the road and life lessons.

In today’s blog, Jewel tells the sweet story of meeting her future husband.

She also shares some painful, yet poignant, memories from her childhood. Read below, in Jewel’s own words, the first in her series of exclusive blogs, as she opens up to fans like never before.

To read the rest of this blog entry, click here.  To read her second blog, click here.  Lots of personal photos in both entries.
This is the best story of surviving childhood abuse and abandonment that I’ve read in terms of useful, practical ideas of how to move from barely surviving to thriving and finding joy.

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