Money: The Secret Currency of Love

Women, Men & Money — and How It Can Muck Up True Love

By Kate Ashford at Her Two Cents.

Have you ever had a relationship fail because he routinely failed to pick up the check? Had no trouble talking dirty, but couldn’t come clean about your finances? Or, as a single girl, had an unerring tendency to fall for the help?

As one writer puts it in the anthology of essays, “The Secret Currency of Love: The Unabashed Truth About Women, Money, and Relationships:”

“It’s always been this way. I like men who aren’t flashy. Men who work with their hands. Men who prefer pick-ups to Porsches. There I’ll be, at a hoity-toity event filled with powerful, wildly attractive potential mates — and inevitably I’ll gravitate toward the guy pouring drinks and shlepping dishes.”

To read the rest of this article, click here.
If you have serious money issues, Ms. Ashford’s blog is smart, sophisticated, and savvy.  I’ve added her to my blogroll for your future convenience. 

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