FL Judge John Dean Moxley Denied Request for Emergency Protection from Stalker One Week Before Young Bride Was Murdered

Alissa & Brent Blanton

Alissa and Brent Blanton were married on August 15.  They were high school sweethearts in Missouri.  She was cheerleading captain and homecoming queen at DeSoto High School.  She dreamed of becoming a teacher.   She planned to graduate from college this summer.  At her memorial service, the pastor said:  

 What she had on the inside was more precious and beautiful than what we even saw on the outside.  She was a young lady who loved people, brought a spark of joy and happiness to everyone she encountered, and loved life.  

WFTV reported that the memorial video to honor Alissa, the Missouri girl who was lured to Florida’s beaches, ended with the words “miss you” written on the sand. 

Like many college coeds, she got a job in 2008 as a waitress to pay her way through school.  She worked at the Merritt Island, Florida Hooters.  One of her customers was Roger “BeachBull” Troy, a creepy 61-year-old pit bull predator who was a regular at the restaurant.  The Orlando Sentinel reported:   


. . .he thought he deserved more of her attention after he spent money at the restaurant and on tips. 

As you can see, Alissa Goedecke [her maiden name] was a gorgeous 23-year-old woman.  Troy was old enough to be her grandfather.  He followed her to her car at the end of her shift. 

When she reported his unwelcome advances to her supervisor, his obsession with her escalated.  Ultimately, she quit her job in a futile attempt to distance herself from Troy.  She moved to Orlando, got a new job, and lived in hiding.  Troy found her and continued to stalk her.  

After their marriage in August, the couple bought a house in Port St. John which is in Brevard County.  The stalking continued.  After her husband found a four page letter from Troy on their lawn, the couple decided it was time to get an order of protection.  According to WFTV, which has been on this story like a dog on a bone:         

Florida Statute 784.048 defines stalking as willfully, maliciously and repeatedly following, harassing or cyberstalking another person and defines harassing as engaging in a course of conduct directed at a specific person that causes substantial emotional distress and serves no legitimate purpose.          

 Their legal expert Bill Sheaffer explained the statute requires two incidents of stalking in the prior six months.          

 70 Pages of Evidence Isn’t Enough for Judge Moxley          

 WFTV posted a PDF of Mrs. Blanton’s application for a protection order.  It includes evidence of stalking and an obsessive fixation over a two year period:          

  •  The four-page letter left on the Blanton’s lawn and sent by certified mail.  The Blantons reported it to the Brevard County Sheriff.
  • 64 pages of harassing e-mail messages, letters, and phone calls between September 9, 2008 through February 1 (the date of the petition).  They include numerous admissions of stalking behavior including seeing her at stores and the beach and driving by her house.  The frequency of the e-mail messages escalated about a month before Mrs. Blanton filed her petition.
  • Details of how Troy came to Mrs. Blanton’s place of employment at the AT&T call center in Orlando and blocked her in her car.
  • Reports to the sheriffs of Orange and Brevard County.
  • Troy had an aresenal of guns.
  • Ms. Goedecke quit her job at Hooters in a futile attempt to evade Troy’s obsessive fixation on her.
  • The couple had relocated twice and lived in hiding in a futile attempt to evade Troy’s stalking behavior.

Mr. Sheaffer believes the evidence was clearly there.  I agree.  Judge Moxley had no legal theory or even a factual basis to support his decision to deny Mrs. Blanton’s request for a protection order. 

One week later, Troy came to Mrs. Blanton’s place of employment shortly after she had lunch with her husband.  When Troy confronted her, she called her husband for help.  He called 9-1-1 and rushed to try to rescue his wife from her stalker.          


But, he was too late.  Troy shot her several times in the parking lot before killing himself.  As his wife lay bleeding, the 9-1-1 operator could hear him say:         

Baby, I love you.  Keep breathing.  Oh my God.  Come on, baby!          

She passed away at the hospital.          

Florida Judicial System Circles the Wagons          


WFTV reported that Brevard County Chief Judge J. Preston Silvernail said that all the harassing e-mail messages would not necessarily indicate stalking.    

Judge Moxley had the arrogant audacity to tell the Orlando Sentinel:          

 As a judge you have to follow the law.  You’re not omniscient.  God bless her soul.  

Orange County Circuit Judge Cynthia Mackinnon in the same arrogant vein suggested that if domestic violence advocates don’t like the law that they need to raise concerns to legislators.  Florida law requires judges to set a hearing unless there is no “immediate and present danger” of domestic violence.

WFTV reported than only 1/4 of the 5,000 orders of protection sought in Orange County were granted last year.

The evidence in Mrs. Blanton’s case was absolutely overwhelming that she was in immediate and present danger.  Any judge who can’t see this has no business being on the bench.          

WFTV is so incensed that they provide a link for viewers to e-mail the court to protest.  The e-mail address:          


Judge Moxley Accused of Being Soft on Criminals 

WFTV, which has done an awesome job of investigative journalism, obtained a document from the Judicial Qualifications Commission that Judge Moxley is under review over a complaint made in another case.  He has been accused of making a ruling in that case without thoroughly reviewing the case file.  Apparently, this isn’t the first time he has been accused of being soft on crime:  

  • Career criminal Steven Lunn said in May, 2003:  “I like Moxley.  He knows me.  I got a problem, he’ll take care of it.”
  • Moxley released violent criminal Derrick Henderson in February, 2003 on his signature days before he was to go to prison for six years.  He disappeared.
  • Moxley lowered an accused child molester’s bond so he could get out of jail after being accused of stalking 12- and 13-year-old girls.

Judge Moxley has been on the bench for 25 years.  He was re-elected in 2008 without opposition.  He is up for re-election in 2014.  He makes $142,000/year. 

If This Makes You Livid. . . 

Uppity Woman has suggested on her blog that we start a movement to get Judge Moxley off the bench.  I agree. 

In the state of Florida, judges can be removed via:  1) impeachment by the FL House of Representatives, or 2) by the Judicial Qualifications Commission.  Complaints to the Commission must be in writing: 

Judicial Qualifications Commission
1110 Thomasville Road
Tallahassee, FL 32303
Phone (850) 488-1581 

Alternatively, you can send a letter or fax to Brevard County’s chief judge ~ just remember he’s pretty clueless too: 

J. Preston Silvernail 

Moore Justice Center
2825 Judge Fran Jamieson Way
Viera, Florida 32940
321-633-2172 (fax) 

Finally, if you really want to be a burr in Judge Moxley’s saddle, you can contact his administrative assistant LOLA MERRICK at 264-6759.  The Brevard County’s judge’s directory didn’t give an area code.  I’m assuming it is probably 321.

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  2. Judge Moxley is not the only one in Brevard County who ignores victims’ please for help. Please investigate this county.

    Orange county judges have a lot of damn nerve to be speaking, their d.v. murder rates have soaring extensively, even when compared to the rest of Florida. The police officers had to implement a new policy a year ago.

  3. Thanks for your comment, Maria. I’m not surprised to hear this.

    WFTV is doing the kind of investigative journalism that happens when something horrendous is going on. I think Judge Moxley’s comment made a whole lot of folks livid.

    I was similarly interested that most of the Florida press tended to focus on the fact that she was a Hooters waitress ~ like she had it coming. Her home town (St. Louis) press, however, painted a more accurate picture of a young woman trying to live her best life. I think this story will give a whole lot of young women pause about getting a job at Hooters. Quite frankly, I hope her family sues them down to their shoelaces.

    Maria, you can be assured I’ll be watching the Florida courts like a hawk. Nancy Carroll had a top 100 blog tossed off WordPress after she wrote about the corruption. I clerked for a judge indicted in Operation Greylord in Chicago, the fix was in on the last case I tried in Chicago ~ the presiding judge went to federal prison, and I lived with a state appellate court judge who put a gun to my head and told me he could kill me and “get away with it.” He wasn’t kidding.

    So, I can assure you that I have absolutely NO sense of humor about judicial corruption. I don’t have the resources of WFTV, but I’ll be writing about every case I hear about.

    Nancy Carroll at RightsforMothers.com is similarly watching them like a hawk. So, if you see or hear a story in the press (radio, TV, newspaper), please let one of us know. A good way to get a story into the press is to start a blog.

    Anne Caroline

  4. I apologize for the delay in your post appearing on my blog. New commenters are always on moderation. You can imagine why.

    I have posted a link to this post on my blog.

    This is just plain despicable.

    If you know of someone who has started a petition to remove that dirtbag Moxley from his bench, please let me know. I will see to it that the petition is circulated via multiple blogs with millions of hits.

  5. Thanks for visiting my humble little site ~ I love the name of your site and all the photos of the cats!

    Have you heard of the group SAFFIRE: Uppity Blues Women? They do fantastic blues.

    I’ve been thinking about what we can do to get his sorry ass off the bench. And, I think I’m going to get bold and brassy tomorrow and call WFTV to ask them. I’ve never in my life seen a TV station post an e-mail address to complain about an elected official. So, I’m guessing there’s more to this story than we know.

    My stats on this post are unbelievable ~ the hits started seconds after I posted it and haven’t stopped. People are clearly livid. The same thing happened with a judge out here who let a guy out on bail after he allegedly molested his teenage daughter. Nobody cared about the daughter until the daddy assasinated four cops. The rats keep coming out of the woodwork on that case.

    My sense is that Judge Moxley isn’t a lone rat in Florida.

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  7. You are welcome to anything on my site, Anne. Please credit “Freedom Fairy” as she is our Artist in Residence. UW has a “living header”. That is, it changes regularly and sometimes our “Moderator Kitteh Bill” has header adventures in series. Half of my hits are to see Bill’s header adventures. Laughing here.

    Your hit count should increase. I just did a second post on this issue and linked your site.

  8. Thanks, Uppity Woman! I’m humbled.

    I’m working on updating my original post ~ with a shout out to you ~ to give folks information on how to protest. But, I’m having lots of computer glitches.

  9. I came over by way of Uppity Woman’s link. So glad to see the wealth of information you have here. I am sure Uppity will get those addresses posted at her site and she will probably let all our blogger friends know as well.

    Hope this guy gets booted off the bench fast before anyvofy else dies.

  10. I say the judge should be remove from the bench. Sounds like a worthless judge to me.

    I know the mother of Allisa and its a bummer we have just worthless judges that get it right.

    Its a a very say thing we have to have this happen cause of judges that don’t know anything but the money that goes into the pocket..

  11. Randy, thank you so much for your comment. I’m from the St. Louis area so my heart has really gone out to her mother. Please tell her I will do everything in my power to get Judge Moxley off the bench.

    And, a part of me blames Hooters as well. They set beautiful young girls up for all sorts of creepy harassment and abuse from obsessive predators like Troy. He made her life a living hell before he shot her. Her first year as a bride should have been blessed with joy instead of his dark shadow.

    Since her mother’s probably second-guessing herself, please tell her there was absolutely nothing more that could have been done to keep her daughter safe. I write this blog because I know judicial corruption up close and personal. I too have relocated twice to evade stalking. . .by a retired state supreme court judge. . .nobody has ever protected me because of his power. So, I know better than most what her family is feeling and how bad judges on the bench can devastate a family. The predatory, abusive judge in my life isn’t the only one I’ve known to be corrupt as hell.

    I’ve had women from his state ask me for help. What can I say? Move. But, how many times can a person do this, and is there anywhere safe?

    Bless you,
    Anne Caroline

  12. Thanks, Mom. Uppity Woman’s site and yours are totally awesome. Two of my best friends are military moms ~ their sons are in Afghanistan. Here in the Puget Sound region we have lots of military.

    I’m glad that Uppity Woman asked the question about how to get him off the bench. I didn’t think of that angle to the story. I also think she raised an excellent point about the 30-40 hours a week he spends being a coach. Doesn’t leave a lot of time to prepare for court, eh? And, I have to wonder about the safety of the girls he coaches. The only reason he wouldn’t be able to see Troy’s behavior as creepy is if he does something similar himself. . .it is like judges who drink and drive. . .they don’t tend to punish drunk drivers.

  13. Thanks, Mom! You know who is going to be on my radar screen next!

    Lordy, lordy! Did you read the story? The judge who was arrested for DV ~ on his 1st wedding anniversary ~ was presiding over a DV murder trial as well as the trial of a former county commissioner arrested for being a pervert!

  14. you have visited my site and perhaps will figure out who i am. let me tell u a few more things, that chief judge that you list, is apparently new because it used to be a woman. i was advised to write her because of how i was treated by my judge’s staff, she told me she was powerless and that I needed to address the judge!–same judge that would never listen to me in court. why would I further enrage him? chief judges pass the buck, but maybe with a lot of press, things can be different. and the JQC is a bunch of idiots as well. brevard county judges rotate in and out of family court (to reduce fatigue), but somehow, if one particular judge gets on your case, he can keep it if he wants to. brevard county has made recent changes–they have cycled/rotated judges in an out–they have at least two different locations: one in titusville and one in viera. information from files get lost. they now also push mediation in order to reduce the load on the family court system…when we know that mediation is contraindicated in domestic violence cases. please continue to do what you’re doing, and I will do same

  15. Yes, Maria, it does appear things are a bit stinky in FL courts. The bright light is on them now. We’ll see if it makes a difference.

    Please keep me posted of other stories that hit the news. We need to make sure they get wider exposure than just the home town crowd.

  16. I have to say I dont like this man.. I just sat in front of him yesterday for my child whos father has been in and out of her life for 4 years he has never paid me any child support and has never been alone with my daughter. her father just up and moved out of state without a word and guess what this judge gave him…every 4th weekend unsupervised friday through sunday with overnights. This little girl has no relationship with him or trust and he gets to come once a month and make her stay with him.
    I dont know how he or anyone can do that to a little child. My heart breaks for this family who lost a loved one.
    I dont know how I or my child is going to get through this. This judge needs to go!

  17. Samantha,

    OMG. I am so sorry to hear this. Have you found the Rights for Mothers blog? There’s a link to it on my survivor story blogroll. Nancy Carroll needs to hear your story. She kicks serious butt.

    The other blogger who needs to hear your story is Uppity Woman, who is on my blogroll. She has a HUGE following. You can post a comment on her post about Moxley by clicking on the purple link to her in this post. She wants Moxley off the bench, and she’s got something like 1.5 million people who read her blog. . .better than getting your story in the Miami Herald.

    Finally, I urge you to click on the rest of the purple links in this story and write to every damned reporter to let them know this shit is still going on in Moxley’s court.

    If you are able to afford to do so, I strongly urge you ask your attorney to file a motion to have Moxley’s decision reconsidered. When you go back to court, pack that court room with people wearing purple ribbons. See my posts about Vernetta Cockerham and Claudia Dombrowski. They both did this, and it worked like a charm.

    I also hope you’ll file a complaint against him. Moxley’s ass needs to get off the bench.

    Please keep me posted, Samantha. And, please do ask the bloggers I mentioned to take up your cause. You aren’t alone out there. It may feel like it, but you aren’t. Raise hell. Demand justice.

    May you be blessed abundantly,
    Anne Caroline

  18. wow thank you do much for this information! I plan to do more, this will not stop here.
    Thank you so much again!

  19. Good luck, Samantha!

    A teacher out here in WA State got murdered on Friday because some stupid judge in Pierce County, WA let the man who has been stalking her for years out on bail on Monday.

    The callous disregard for the safety and welfare of the people who appear in courts seeking justice is alarming.

    I went off on Pierce County and the WA State legislature. How many people have to die before these people get their heads out of their asses? You know damned good and well that they wouldn’t make the same stupid decisions if it was their daughter or son. They’d be using their clout to demand justice.

    I take heart in the fact that the Gov. of NY State won’t be serving another term because he appears to have intimidated the victim/witness in a DV case involving his closest aide. The New York Times hounded him like a dog until everybody stopped blowing the issue off.

    The good news is that a woman in Canada followed in Claudine Dombrowski’s shoes with just two court watchers. It made a HUGE difference in the outcome of her case.

    I think sometimes the world looks at us and assumes that we are victims they can brush off. But, when we show up with back-up, they know we have a spine of steel. It shouldn’t make a difference, but it does.

    Best of the best,
    Anne Caroline

  20. Happy to have found this blog, I go in front of the (dis)Honorable Judge Moxley 3/16 regarding a family court issue and live out of the area. I googled his name and to my surprise found so much horrible info! Linked to the Wilton Dedge wrongful imprisonment and with holding a restraining order from Alissa Blanton. Also seems to treat women poorly. Now, facing my impossible ex-husband in front of this jerk is even more daunting…I wish I could get a different judge! Can you do that? Is that possible? Probably not, wish me luck…

  21. Maureen,

    Glad you found me. Thanks for leaving a comment. If you are appearing on a custody issue, I strongly urge you to check out Rights for Mothers (see my blogroll).

    In many jurisdictions, you can ask for a new judge BEFORE the first hearing. Hopefully, this sorry excuse of a judge hasn’t ruled on anything in your case so far. But, I haven’t gotten great feedback on the judiciary in this county. Sorry to be the bearer of that bad news.

    I would encourage you to check out my posts about Vernetta Cockerham and to pack the court room with court watchers. This asshole judge needs to know the bright spotlight is on him. Sadly, you aren’t the only woman in this county who has found my blog. If I get your permission as well as the permission of the other woman in your county, I’ll hook you up ~ y’all can be court watchers for each other.

    Further, I would strongly encourage you to visit Uppity Woman’s web site. She gets more traffic than I do, and she’s all over the Mox.

    Maureen, I’m wishing you the luck of the Irish on March 16. I respond to all comments. So, please ask away.

    Good luck,
    Anne Caroline

  22. My family moved out of state (not Florida) in 2009 because our stalker/watcher had more rights than we did. The judge looked at my attorney and said “Roses and an apology letter – this hardly meets the test.” He did not bother to look at the stack of letters, cards and call and behavior logs I also had with me. He didn’t listen to any of the phone messages he had left on voicemail, which I had recorded. In the initial petition for emergency protection, I tried to submit photos of signs he had put up, and letters. The clerk said ‘No, the judge doesn’t have time to look at those!’

    I moved out of state and now carry two mortgages with our previous home still for sale. It is money well spent, but I continue to look over my shoulder daily, watching out the window if I hear a car that sounds like his, or looks the slightest bit similar. The first six months it was so hard to shake the paranoia. I saw him around every corner…

    The worst thing about stalking is that it is ongoing. Unlike singular events that involve assault or abuse, it is the cumulative effects of fear that threaten to damage us.

    The police in the area we lived at the time were absolutely wonderful to us. They took it seriously and I am fairly sure investigated him initially. Their support and validation gave me the confidence to try to get a restraining order. It turned out to be next to impossible to obtain, and I spent money with an attorney who it seemed had more compassion for the stalker. I felt less than a person at the end of it, and decide to spend our money to leave as opposed to wasting it trying to navigate a broken system.

    I believe judges should be regularly educated and evaluated on their various areas of service. They should not be allowed to run rough-shod over anyone – and offenders should not be given more protection than victims. Sadly, I don’t see a solution coming soon.

    Thanks to everyone who works in the areas oa advocacy for women and domestic abuse victims and stalking especially. You serve a vital role in our communities and are sometimes the only validation a victim receives. God Bless You.

  23. I am so glad to see someone wanting to take action against this poor excuse for a judge. My boyfriend is close friends with Brent (Alissa’s husband), and this tragedy has really hit home for us. I am absolutely speechless… So angry at Judge Moxley, and so upset over the loss of Alissa. Bless you for bringing this issue to light. I will be passing around your website to all I know, in hopes that we can get this man off the bench.

  24. MalayaBee, thank you so much for visiting my site and leaving a comment. Please give Brent some big hugs from me and express my condolences. Alissa was SO blessed to have him in her life ~ protecting her. They did EVERYTHING possible to keep her safe, and the system flat out let them down. Criminal.

    Please also encourage him to sue the hell out of Hooters. IMHO, they are equally responsible for what happened to her. Money won’t bring Alissa back, but a huge settlement will compel Hooters to rethink their corporate strategy.

    Also, please click on the link to Uppity Woman’s blog. She gets a whole lot more visitors to her site, and she’s as steamed up about Judge Moxley as I am. If you get anymore information about this bastard, please let both of us know. He needs to find a different way to make a living. There are a lot of attorneys in Florida. Surely, there’s somebody better than him to be a judge.

    MalayaBee, I’m so sorry this happened to your friend. She was such a beautiful person. She certainly didn’t deserve to have that creep making what should have been a very blissful time in her life such a nightmare.

    Sending hugs,
    Anne Caroline

  25. I’m a little nervous because my husband and I are trying to get his son away from his ex-wife because her and her fiance are doing drugs, cannot take care of him, do not take care of him, constantly putting him in harms way, etc. and we’re nervous that this judge is going to go easy on her just because she is his biological mother…if the judge doesn’t change the arrangements of their divorce, we are planning on filing a complaint with JQC about his behavior. This article does not make me look forward to going to court soon.

  26. Stacy,

    You are correct. Custody battles aren’t fun.

    A judge’s primary mission in custody cases is to determine who is, in fact, most concerned about the best interest of the child. And, who is using the child as a weapon to keep the drama of unresolved emotional issues alive. Sometimes it is neither. Sometimes it is both.

    The judicial guide on my blog roll should help prepare you for the kind of case to present.

    Good luck,
    Anne Caroline

  27. We are now feeling the injustice from moxley. We arein a horrible custody battle with medical issues with the child stuck in the middle and have been fighting for over a year now its cost us almost 12k I am. Soldier in the army stationed in another state and this idiot judge keeps granting continuance after continuance. When will it end and how do we get this ass out of the leagle system

  28. Apparently this doucebag of a judge has not learned his lesson. A friend of mine asked his wife for a divorce over a year ago. She refused to sign the divorce papers, and the situation became so tense between them that he felt the need to move out of the home which, by the way, he still financially supports. His attorney had her served and it went in front of Judge Moxley. Instead of granting the divorce, this idiot ordered him to attend marriage counselling. They have no children together. She is not financially dependant on him. He lives with another woman and told the judge he is in love with this woman. He also told the judge he has no intention to reconcile with his wife. Still the judge COURT ORDERED him to sit in the same room with her and attempt to reconcile the marriage. He feels like the judge’s decision is basically akin to court ordered stalking. This man is forcing my friend to have contact with someone that he does not want to be any where near. There will be nothing good to come out of this situation and God help that judge if anything happens to my friend.

  29. Maggie,

    The law sometimes doesn’t make any sense. In this case, the judge is trying to set up a process that will help the wife accept that the marriage is, in fact, over. Your friend would be wise to go to this meeting with an attitude of compassion for the heart he has broken.

    If you are involved with him romantically, I would encourage you to put yourself in her shoes ~ you’ll likely be walking in them one day. There’s an old adage that advises us to have lunch with the ex-wife. I actually did this and saved myself a whole lot of heartache.

    If he is a platonic friend, it would be good to remind him that he’s going home to loving arms while his wife is going home to the cruel reminder of a dream that is now dead and a rejection that is excrutiatingly painful. He cared enough about her to marry her, and he cares enough about her to provide for her financially. If he can be patient and compassionate, he will ease this transition for both of them and avoid a lengthy court battle.

    Good luck,
    Anne Caroline

  30. With all due respect, this situation has been going on since 2010. I am not romantically involved with him and I do not need to walk in the wife’s shoes, nor do I need to have lunch with her. I know them both and I know what the issues are from both sides. Yes, he once loved her enough to marry her but they have both been unhappy for a long, long time. She actually initiated the conversation about the divorce, welcomed the decision, and he did the fair and compassionate thing by agreeing to end their misery. He also allowed her plenty of time to accept the situation and prepare for her future without him, but there comes a time when action is required. He did not get romantically involved with another woman until he made it clear to his wife that it was time to move on. He made the mistake of telling her that he was developing feelings for another woman and that is when she turned vindictive, in a “I don’t want you but I don’t want anyone else to have you.” kind of way. Please keep in mind that compassion works both ways. The heart that he “broke” has been cold and bitter for a long time. I am thankful that he gets to go home to loving arms as she has denied him that for many years. As far as financially providing for her, he has always taken care of his responsibilities, and also needs to protect his own credit. He has been supporting a house that he has no abilitity to enter and she keeps dragging things a long. Regardless of the judge’s reasons, there are two people affected by his decision and my friend is the one who bears the brunt of the hardship. As long as the divorce is stalled, he is forced to support two households while she continues to ask for continuance after continuance.

  31. Maggie,

    Thank you for the clarifications.

    Your expectations aren’t realistic. First, you’ve got a judge who isn’t smart, sophisticated, or savvy enough to recognize litigation abuse or know how to stop it. And, it isn’t his job to end the acrimony.

    Second, I’m guessing that you have a pair of attorneys who perceive this case as a gold mine. The fees will continue to roll into BOTH their coffers so long as they can keep the wife pissed off.

    In rare cases, a savvy mediator will help a jilted spouse accept that a marriage is, in fact, over. But, I wouldn’t count on this.

    The way I handled a similar situation was to introduce my husband to his second wife. I intentionally picked someone I didn’t like. Then, I sat down and waited it out. It wasn’t easy. It wasn’t fun. But, it worked. He’s now on wife #4.

    Warren Buffett’s late wife introduced him to his mistress. They continued the pretense of their marriage to allow the wife to retain her social position. After she passed away, Warren married his mistress.

    We worked hard for our money, and we didn’t want to give our assets to the attorneys. Maybe the solution in this case is for the husband to ask his wife whether she’d like to have marital assets in her own pocket or give them to her attorney to beat him up. If she picks the latter option, he’s screwed.

    While I hear that you don’t want to talk to the wife, this is the smartest thing you could do. There’s something that went on behind the closed doors of that marriage that you don’t know that is the key to winding this mess up.

    Good luck,
    Anne Caroline

  32. Judge Silvernail enforced an order from CT that gave my children (4&7) to my drunken, drug addicted, spouse/child abusing ex husband. I am not in the fight of my life to get my children back.

  33. Alison,

    I’m sorry to hear this. You might want to look into Safe Kids International which I recently heard about on Facebook. Kathleen Russell is involved, and she’s kicking serious butt. She runs the Center for Judicial Excellence in CA. She’s the woman who got this issue on Dr. Phil last year. Anderson has also started to address it on his show.

    The good and bad news is that you aren’t alone. I would encourage you to educate yourself on narcissistic personality disorder and “pit bull” abusers. I’m going to be writing a post today on my current thinking on this issue.

    Good luck and best wishes,
    Anne Caroline

  34. Brevard County is emerging as one of the worst places in the country for women who are looking for the court to protect them and their children. I am interested in starting a petition to have Charlie Roberts taken off the bench. Anyone interested?

  35. If you think the corruption in this 18th judicial circuit is isolated to just this judge your very mistaken. This corruption is rampant straight across the board. This includes event the attorneys and cops around Brevard. if you only knew what I know. The Fla. Today is even well aware yet will print little or nothing.

  36. Mr. Striffer,

    Thanks for your comment. Quite frankly, judicial incompetence is rampant all over the US. I wrote this post and periodically cover this issue because I know better than anybody that it is rare to find “justice” in our courts.

    Anne Caroline

  37. Well, Judge Moxley can add another notch to his belt. Gary Lee Hembree, Titusville FL, shot and killed by his neighbor after Judge Moxely denied him an injunction for protection on August 29th. I do not believe that anything is ever going to be done to get this man off the bench. Shameful.

  38. I often write about former prosecutor/current Judge Moxley on my blog, and hope that those that have been harmed by him and posted comments here will find something useful to them by visiting.

  39. She was a good person. If her husband is out there contact me. Manager of the place across the street from where she used to work. ~GuArDiAn 321-226-8710

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