Artist’s Date: Susan Wiggs and Elizabeth Wiggs Maas on New Day Northwest


Susan Wiggs, my favorite author, and her daughter Elizabeth Wiggs Maas were on New Day Northwest this morning to promote their new book How I Planned Your Wedding:  The All-True Story of a Mother and Daughter Surviving the Happiest Day of Their LivesMs. Wiggs asked visitors to her blog to be in the audience for moral support.  It sounded like fun.  What happens when a best-selling romance novelist’s beloved only daughter gets married?  I wanted to hear the inside story.

Suzie Wiley is the show’s amazing audience coordinator.  We were instructed to be at KING5 by 9:30 this morning.  The KING5 People sculpture is outside their studios.

This beautiful sculpture is in KING5’s beautiful atrium lobby.

Jess, Molly, Nick, Lou

Jess, Molly, Nick, and Lou

When I got to the welcoming and comfy audience lobby, I found Jess, Molly, Nick, and Lou.  I recognized Molly from Elizabeth’s popular blog I Am the Beholder which chronicled her wedding plans as well as those of her best friends and was a precursor to the book.

Nick and Lou Klist are Susan’s parents and Elizabeth’s grandparents.  We had a lovely and very intersting chat while waiting to enter the studio.
Susan Wiggs and Elizabeth Wiggs Mass in KING5's green room

Susan Wiggs and Elizabeth Wiggs Mass in KING5’s green room

Meanwhile, Susan and Elizabeth were waiting in the Green Room.  Elizabeth is a phenomenal make-up artist, and she’s more gorgeous in person than she is in her photos.

Susan and Elizabeth with Margaret Larson

Susan and Elizabeth with Margaret Larson

During commercial breaks, we were allowed to take photos.  In these photos, the show’s host Margaret Larson is doing a quick review of the wedding segment before taping began.

Everybody was excited and nervous.  The show uses four cameras and has multiple monitors.  It is very tempting to watch the monitors to see what’s going to air on television.  I was very impressed with Ms. Wiley’s fluid ability to remember which audience members were there to support various guests on the show.  As the segments aired, one of the cameramen captured close-up shots of friends and family members.  It significantly enhanced the intimate feel of the show.

Molly and Elizabeth

Molly and Elizabeth

When taping finished, Elizabeth hugged Molly, who was one of her bridesmaids, and her grandmother Lou. It was fun to finally meet Elizabeth. She’s as charming and brilliant as she is beautiful. She’s finishing her MBA at the University of Chicago and has accepted a job offer with one of Chicago’s best employers. She shared during the taping that she plans to continue writing.

You can watch the segment on KING5’s website.

Lou Klist, Elizabeth, Nick Klist

Lou Klist, Elizabeth, Nick Klist

Today’s segments included advice on how to guide the man in your life to the perfect Valentine gift from Steve Haverly, who lives in the Seattle area and is a contributor to the Today Show’s “Guys Tell All.”  We were treated to a preview musical performance from “My Funny Valentine.” It was a very romantic show and the perfect prelude to Valentine’s Day.

Christopher, Tina, Susan

Christopher and Tina Larson with Susan Wiggs

Susan and Elizabeth graciously stayed after the show’s taping to autograph books.  Christopher Larson is getting married in August, and his mother Tina is one of Susan’s biggest fans.

Steve Haverly, Ryan Pacchiano, Melissa Kinzer, Susan Wiggs, Elizabeth Wiggs Maas, Laurie Pacchiano

Steve Haverly, Ryan Pacchiano, Melissa Kinzer, Susan Wiggs, Elizabeth Wiggs Maas, Laurie Pacchiano

When Susan asked for a photo of the “High Maintenance Bitches,” I thought she was referring to a question asked of Steve Haverly by Lauri Pacchiano during the show about whether high or low maintenance women fared better long-term in relationships.

Bitzie wearing her High Maintenance Bitch boa for V-Day

Bitzie wearing her High Maintenance Bitch boa for V-Day

High Maintenance Bitch® is a highly successful company founded by Ryan and Laurie Pacchiano in their grandmother’s garage. They cater to people who spoil their dogs and are the undisputed leaders in pet apparel and accessories. Their products have been featured in Hollywood goodie bags and on Bravo, the Today Show, Access Hollywood, the View, Dateline, etc. Mr. Haverly is their producer, and they are working on an upcoming reality show called Lifestyles of the Bitch & Famous.

Bitzie’s V-Day boa was a gift from Mr. Pacchiano.

Lou Klist

Lou Klist

Mrs. Klist looked like a movie star as she patiently waited for Susan and Elizabeth to greet their fans. Isn’t she gorgeous?

Tomorrow I’ll review How I Planned Your Wedding.

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2 responses to “Artist’s Date: Susan Wiggs and Elizabeth Wiggs Maas on New Day Northwest

  1. I had a great time at the show. Christopher got some great tips for Valentines day. And, we’re both excited to take out dates to the 5th Ave Theater as a prelude to V-Day.
    Thanks for the picture!

  2. Tina,

    Great to hear from you! My week has been a whirlwind. I need to e-mail you the photos that I took as well as one I got from Suzie Wiley.

    I’m almost finished with the book, and I think it is fabulous. The message that is quite clear is that the most important part of planning a wedding is making sure we select our life mates with care. I was shocked their budget was just $20,000. LOL ~ I got married when a very lovely wedding cost less than $2,000 ~ back in the stone age when we all would have loved to have had a wedding planner. It boggles my mind that the costs have escalated so much.

    I’m so looking forward to the 5th Avenue event. This blog was launched on V-Day, 2009. Hopefully, I’ll also be celebrating finding a new apartment. Busy, busy, busy!

    Sending hugs and thanks,
    Anne Caroline

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