Bravo, Marcella Chester @ Abyss 2 Hope


Bloggers are the most creative people!  A few months ago, I found this very clever Just Being Real blog award.  The blogger is a sexual abuse survivor who believes in breaking down the walls of silence surrounding violence against women and girls.

Today, I discovered another very clever blog by Marcella Chester to:

explore the messy process of getting from point A (abyss) to point B (hope) without ignoring all of life’s glorious messiness.

Her blog is called Abyss 2 Hope.  After her novel Cherry Love came out, she had the same experience as Eve Ensler had each time she presented the Vagina Monologues:

Women started approaching me and telling me that my story was also theirs. The condemnation I expected for losing my virginity never materialized. One woman who read Cherry Love told me that I had captured what had happened to her down to the words her rapist used to excuse his behavior.

Having my shame out in public for all to see was the start of my healing. I’m not completely free of the abyss yet, but the hope is winning.

In May 2006, she created the “Carnival Against Sexual Violence” and invites other bloggers ~ women and men ~ to submit “personal stories, creative expression (poetry, art, etc.), legal issues, media watch, raising awareness, solutions and more.”  The carnival is held the 1st and 15th of every month.  My post about Jimmy Carter was featured in the August 1 Carnival.  I have no idea who nominated me, but I was thrilled.

Why?  Our goals and vision mirror each other.  I believe profoundly that we must break down the walls of silence surrounding violence against women and girls.  So, I’m going to encourage all of you to visit Abyss 2 Hope.  If you are on your own zig zag journey or a blogger has helped you in your path to recovery, nominate one of the posts that touched your heart and soul.  Ms. Chester explains why it is important:

As a rape survivor who felt completely alone for many years before finally speaking out about what I went through, I wanted to provide a way for survivors and others who care about this problem to collect our stories and our thoughts. Together we can help those who can’t speak about their ordeal to discover they aren’t alone and they aren’t without hope. We can also raise awareness about attitudes and practices that contribute to the number of assaults that occur every day.

Bravo, Ms. Chester!  Bravo!

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