Isolation Well-Being

Sadly, we’re at the 250K statistic of Covid-19 deaths.  Most of us won’t be celebrating the holidays as we had hoped in order to keep our loved ones and ourselves safe.  Although I cherish doing Thanksgiving “with myself” (alone), it’s tough this year because it will also be my 72nd birthday.  But, it is what it is, eh?

This Thanksgiving, I’m grateful that a Facebook friend posted this check list of wisdom for our mental-health well-being.  Hope it helps you too.

Anderson Cooper’s retreat in Brazil

Isolation Well-Being

□ Shower

□ Medication

□ Drink Water

□ Clean One Thing/Space

□ Tend Something Growing/Living

Be Mindfully Present to:

□ A sound or song

□ A sensory feeling

□ Something you see

□ A Spiritual practice

□ Reach out to a human outside your home

□ Do one thing to get your heart rate up

□ Do one thing you’ll be glad you did later

□ Do one thing just because you want to

□ Get in at least one good laugh

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