One Second: Guns & Karma

1001.  Are you dead?  Are you alive?  It took less than one second for the shooting rampage perpetrator to kill or wound each of his victims in Dayton, Ohio.  One of them was his sister.  Less than one second.  Are you Quick Draw McGraw, or will you end up dead?  How many people will die in the cross-fire?

I will confess that I am obsessed with shooting rampages.  I’ve noticed that Karma pays visits to people who are callously indifferent.  How close to home does it have to come for you to give a shit?

We’ve heard that good guys with guns will stop bad buys with guns.  Well, this didn’t work out well for four cops in a coffee shop in Lakewood, WA.  They were trained.  They were armed.  Yet, not one of those cops was able to draw their weapon to take out an assassin.  Pow! Pow!  Pow!  Pow!  They were all dead.

If you honestly think you will be able to timely react to an AK-47, you are delusional.  Those cops were well-trained, and they didn’t know what hit them.  They are all dead.

How close does Karma need to visit you for you to wake the hell up???

One of the first victims in Dayton, Ohio was the shooter’s sister.  The rampage in El Paso, Texas was all about white nationalism.  These two rampages sum it up.  We have way too many pissed off white males who are a powder keg.

The guy in the White House is lighting the fuse.

Will you be next?  Will Karma pay you a visit to prove your opposition to gun control is totally fucked up?

Roll the dice.  I no longer give a shit.  In US v. Heller, the late gun-nut Anton Scalia held that the only guns protected by the 2nd Amendment are handguns used to defend your home.  He specifically held that assault weapons are weapons of war which are not protected.

I want to know WTF is holding up common sense gun control.  If you oppose it, you’d better pray that Karma doesn’t pay you a visit.  Odd how people who claim to be “right to life” are obsessed with something that has only one purpose:  to kill.

I no longer care if Karma pays you an intimate visit.  One second.  You are dead.  Deal with it.

Update:  The police in Dayton found 41 spent shellsThirty-six people were shot.  This means he only missed five times.  If this doesn’t terrify the hell out of you. . .


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